Tom Hiddleston Movies That Go With Every Mood You Could Possibly Be In

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For happy moods, we’ve got dance parties. For sad ones, feel-good comedy binges. And for anger, we have Twitter rants. American society has come up with an appropriate response to just about every mood. Jealousy: petting zoos. Regret: brioche French toast. Paranoia: short-form woodworking projects. The list carries on.

But in absence of any of these options, we can thank old Westminster for bestowing upon us one Tom Hiddleston: an actor as emphatically lovable as he is creatively versatile. There’s a Hiddleston role for just about every mood — be you hoping for laughter, for tears, for deep thoughts, for heavy gasps, or even for a few science lessons. (And soon, for all out terror.) Hiddleston has you covered, no matter what mood you’re in.

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