This Uber Driver Sings Opera While Driving People Around, You Know, Totally Casual Like It's Whatever — VIDEO

Uber is amazing and weird because it truly highlights the fact that literally any person with a driver's license can legally tote people around in exchange for money. Seriously, even my old intern does this now for extra dollars in Austin and that kinda blows my mind for unknown reasons. Anybody could drive for Uber and be steering the car you're in. And as people are wont to do, they vary a whole lot. Like this guy—an Uber driver singing opera as he just, y'know, does his job. No big deal. Totally normal.

For real, I feel I've had a pretty even split of remarkable and utterly bland Uber drivers. It's quite wonderful when one pulls up for pick up with a quiet treasure trove of candy and/or tiny water bottles in tow. It's even better when an Uber driver lends you their audio jack and refrains from faces of panic when you queue a slew of Taylor Swift smash hits. (Shout out to the fleet of Uber drivers in Brooklyn's Park Slope area. I'm sorry, still.) However, when YouTuber Jeff Sullivan hailed a ride, he probably didn't predict the treat in store for him: A real-life, mobile performance of Pavarotti. I'm unsure if Sullivan requested the cover or if his driver even asked permission, but this is the chillest of the chill when it comes of opera singing:


Without audio, you'd have no clue of his velvety vibrato. And that gusto! His lung capacity! Tightly turned corners and attention to basic traffic laws! See what I mean:

Jeff Sullivan on YouTube

Apparently, although enviable, Sullivan's experience wasn't totally unique. The YouTube user universe can attest to other Uber drivers performing (solicited or not) musical numbers for passengers. Well, at least this one guy:

Bollywood bro

shamantri on YouTube

A driver croons a dramatic tune for his backseat crew. It's far from shabby. Man, I'm stoked for the continuing collaboration of safe, affordable driving services and music. I have good feelings about this.

Images: Getty Images; Jeff Sullivan/YouTube