11 Cactus Planters To Add Some Green To Your Space In The Coolest Ways Possible

We love to fill our homes with cool, easy-to-care-for cacti and succulents — but when you go through the trouble of buying new plants, you might as well get some unique cactus planters. When you don't have the luxury of a backyard, spring means it's time to brush up on your indoor gardening skills so your plants can look the best they can. A couple cacti can do wonders to your interior, after all.

Invest in a few original pots and planters to give your space some extra charm, and to provide a new home for your plant friends. And while you're at it, fill your space with some cool flower arrangements as well. It's time to get in touch with nature — without leaving home.


Fox Planters

Foxes and succulents surprisingly are a match made in heaven. Throw some kitsch into your interior design scheme with these cute planters.

Planters, $160.58 for three,

Geometric Planters

A coat of copper leaf makes this geometric planter an elegant addition to any room.

Planter, $31.01,

Skull Planters

Finally, the perfect plant container for the goth who wants to add a little greenery to their pad.

Planter, $42,

Hand-Painted Planter

A cool cactus may bring some much-needed greenery to your home, but a few strokes of paint on a pretty planter add a nice touch of color.

Planter, $34.30,

Clay Cat Planter

Could any cat lady resist a perfect plant vessel that’s in the shape of her favorite furry friend? Not likely.

Planter, $20,

Bulbasaur Planters

Can anyone resist the cuteness of this Pokémon? Bring Bulbasaur to life by filling this adorable planter with a succulent.

Planter, $18,

Concrete Succulent Planters

Concrete and gold harmonize in the prettiest combination of high and low. Top it off with a cactus, and you’re set.

Planters, $19.50,

Boxcar Succulent Planter

You don’t need to plant your cactus collection in individual pots. One boxcar planter makes an elegant choice.

Planter, $70,

Ceramic Hanging Planters

Take your plant collection to new heights figuratively and literally with these colorful hanging options.

Planter, $28.69,

Clay Planters

With their warm color, these clay planters evoke the image of a classic clay pot, but their round shape gives them a refreshing twist.

Planters, $27.99,

Polka Dot Planter

A smattering of hand-painted polka dots give a handmade planter an extra dash of whimsy.

Planter, $36,