7 Times 'Empire's Cookie Lyon Taught Us About Life, Because She's Full Of Wisdom & Important Lessons

It's undeniable: One of the major reasons why many of us flock to our television screens for Empire each week is to see Cookie Lyon. Flawlessly portrayed by Academy Award Nominee Taraji P. Henson, Cookie is both a business tycoon and a force of nature: Her heavily patterned wardrobe, mesmerizing sashay, and grand entrances are only small indications of her amazing presence — and her epic quotes coupled with her iconic facial expressions make her truly awe-inspiring. Henson delivers the lines with such biting poignancy that the audience can't help but acknowledge her wit and intelligence. In creating the character of Cookie, the creators and writers of Empire completely shatter the stereotypes of black women we see far too often on television and in films, and for that, they deserve a huge round of applause.

Cookie Lyon has been through a lot. After spending 17 years in prison, Cookie is trying desperately to rebuild her career and reconnect with her family. It was her money after all, that helped her then-husband Lucious start their entertainment company — and it was that very same money that landed her in jail. Cookie's quotes and expressions therefore have a great deal of meaning behind them. They aren't simply hilarious scene-stealing quips; they are actual life lessons.

Here are seven important lessons that Cookie Lyon taught us about life:

1. She Taught Us About the Importance of Being Heard


Cookie is amazing because she demands to be heard. She knows that her voice is valid no matter how she chooses her delivery — people should not only listen to what you have to say, they should expect your opinion.

2. Cookie Schooled Us On The Art Of Flirting


Cookie let Malcolm know she was interested from the moment they first met. Though she was initially more subtle in her approach, she reminded us in no time that there is nothing wrong with being a bit more forward.

3. She Reminded Us To Embrace Our Unique Talents

We can't all be exceptional at everything, but we do have our own unique talents. Cookie taught us to embrace our true talents instead of pretending to be someone we aren't.

4. She Taught Us That Stereotypes Are Often Invalid


Cookie is the prime example of a multidimensional character. We often categorize people based on their appearance, and Cookie reminds us that appearances can often be extremely deceiving.

5. She Reminded Us To Always Show Up For Our Loved Ones


No one is perfect — and anyone who's watched even five minutes of Empire knows Lucious certainly didn't always treat Cookie well. And yet, when he was sick, she still rushed to be by his side. Cookie showed us that love and compassion always trump anger.

6. She Taught Us To Keep Our Standards High


Though nostalgia may cause some slip-ups, Cookie reminded us that our exs are in the past for a reason. You can forgive, but it would be wise not to forget.

7. Life Is Short — So Make Sure To Have Fun


Obstacles will often be placed in our path. However it's important not to forget about the joys of life. Cookie always knows when its time to put work on pause and let loose.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX (1); Giphy (6); shimssi/tumblr