14 Pieces Of Disney Princess Themed Lingerie You Should Own For Practical Grown Up Reasons — SLIDESHOW

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A dream is a wish your boobs make, and what your boobs wished for is Disney Princess-themed lingerie. Before you scoff, HEAR ME OUT: Even though this is for sure the final nail in the coffin that is your childhood innocence, I think we should all just embrace it. I mean, we live in a world so magical that there are not only Disney princesses, but there are bras and underwear and bridal garters erected in their honor. It's 2015, guys, and yeah, we didn't get those flying cars we were promised, but thanks to some enthusiastic Etsy crafters and good old fashioned teen retail supply and demand, we have a steady stream of Disney lingerie to last you straight through your existential crisis!!

I'm not here to judge you, and hopefully you won't judge either, because I definitely without a doubt have a bra with Rapunzel on it that is either physically on my boobs right now or in a drawer at home. (I'd do a boob check right now, but I'm soooo lazy and the distance from my keyboard to my boob region is too far, so eh.) Anyway, now you can be as COOL AS I AM, because I did you all the favor of rounding up the best Disney princess lingerie our big wide internet can buy.

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