How Many Tattoos Does Drake Have?

by Daniela Cabrera

Remember when that photo emerged of the woman who tattooed DRAKE across her forehead, in real ink? It’s no secret that society is pretty obsessed with celebrity, and getting tattoos of your favorite celeb or their name is something that is becoming more and more common. While the Drake tattoo lady will live on in Internet infamy, there is also the Rihanna fan who has over 14 tattoos on her body for the singer — that’s what I call dedication! Celebs themselves also have their share of fan tattoos. For instance, Drake himself has never really hidden his intense love for Aaliyah, whose face he has inked on his back, but I wonder, how many tattoos does Drake have altogether? Is he as big a fanatic as the Drake lady and the Rihanna superfan?

Over the years that he’s been in the spotlight, Drake’s tattoo collection has steadily grown and I venture to say that his tattoos definitely tell a personal story. He’s no Harry Styles,whose tattoo collection seems to be extremely random and disconnected. (Sorry, Harry!) Just like his sensitive lyrics, Drake seems to have a deep emotional connection to all of his ink, almost like his body is an IRL Tumblr blog. Yeah, I said it. Along with his Aaliyah portrait, which other personal tattoos has he been collecting? So far, fans have counted 15 tattoos total, which is a whole lot more than I thought. Here are are a few that show how much meaning his ink has.

Aaliyah Portrait On His Back

He loves Baby Girl.

OVO Owl Outline

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He's got the owl symbol and logo he uses for his label and brand, October's Very Own, aka OVO, tattooed on his right shoulder.

Tribute To Family Members

At first glance I wondered why Lisa Kudrow was on Drake's back, but it is actually a very sweet tribute to his momma. In early 2013, he also debuted a portrait of his uncle and his late grandmother, Evelyn Sher.

Toronto Area Code

This is only one of the many tattoos Drake has in tribute to his hometown. He has boasted, "When I think of myself, I think of Toronto. My music would never sound the way it does if it weren't for Toronto." Thus, the 416 tattoo was born. Many people also claim that the way the tattoo is colored is also a tribute to Aaliyah's birthday, Jan. 16.

CN Tower

The CN Tower is as iconic to Toronto as the Statue of Liberty is to NYC, so naturally, Drake needed to pay homage to his hometown with this beautiful and simple geometric tattoo.

Emoji Prayer Hands

We may never know why, but Drake tattooed everyones favorite emoji on his arm, next to the letter 6, which also represents Toronto.

An Inspiring Message

I mean, he is Drake, after all. He only wants the best for you, sweet thing.

A Shout Out To His Friends

Drake reportedly said during a 2012 interview, "I don’t like big tattoos…I just get little things, little accents that I carry with me…I got a saying that I’ve said with my friends (“all kinds”) for a long time.”

Images: Getty Images