Taylor Swift Dancer Robert Green Calls His Mom To Tell Her He Got The Gig & It'll Make You Feel ALL THE EMOTIONS — VIDEO

Taylor Swift just cannot let us get through one damn week without making us feel something, can she? Doesn't she know that everyone likes to operate some days on autopilot and then re-emerge the next, because that's what it takes to survive hours between weekends? Ugh, that girl, I tell ya. Anyway, the singer took to her Twitter to slay us emotionally once again. You see, Swift posted a video of one of her newly crowned 1989 World Tour members, Robert Green, telling his ridiculously proud mom that he got the job. She captioned it saying, "I feel so lucky to get to perform alongside people who love it this much." She wasn't kidding. This dude loves it a LOT.

Now, before you view it for yourself, take into account the fact that this is a Swift approved video. Obviously, it's not going to be a simple, demure pat on the back type of "well done, son," reaction. This video is a roller coaster, nay, a Space Camp simulator of emotions. So buckle up and make sure that safety bar is down, because the ride is going to be rough. But in a good way. Just like you imagined Space Camp to be.

Robert Green on YouTube

Being Taylor Swift fans though, we're accustomed to these short spurts of extreme emotional highs and lows. Because, um, that's just about what every single Swift song entails. In fact, their reactions mirror the emotional landscape of a Swift song so well, that I've taken it upon myself to detail just how.

So, here's how Green's reaction video is basically just all of us innocently, unsuspectingly listening to a Swift song:

Oh, haha! Haven't heard this one in awhile, awesome!

What could possibly go wrong?

OMG! I forgot that this was one of my absolute FAVORITES!

So0o exciting! Best. Day Ever. What a revelation!

Oh wait... Oh no... Now I remember why I haven't listened to this one


Shit. Can't turn back now, I'm in too deep.

Just let the music do what it wants. You have no control any longer.

How does she know? HOW DOES SHE KNOW MY SOUL?!

Is she clairvoyant? Has she gone through my Tumblr? Maybe.

Ah wait, this line sounds hopeful... Nope, here's the chorus.

Anddddddd, we're sucked back into that deep dark pit of despair.

Forget it, I can't stop. I will bleed these lyrics. Etch them on my tombstone.

RIP, me.

*Deep breaths* Maybe you can do this, it's almost over.

Just... 30 more seconds... of delicious torture.

There she goes, ending it off on a high note. What a ride.

You never, ever let me down, girl. Gosh, that was therapeutic. Let's give that another listen.

Images: Robert Green/Youtube