This Little Brother Has The Best Photo Bomb Ever

Siblings are the best/worst part of your family. They are the people you're lucky enough to be stuck with, and there are always reasons to celebrate your siblings. You assume the embarrassment they cause you will ease up as you get older, but it never quite does. You're still nagging each other 20 or so years later and the competitive spark hasn't exactly gone out. Sisters will insist they're the best—and there are scientific benefits to having a sister, just saying—but this video of a brother dancing behind his singing sister says otherwise. That's right. In this gem, the brother takes the cake. And if the sister ever makes it as a singer (she's good!), she'll have to thank her little bro for making her first video go viral (which the cynical part of me wants to think was the goal all along and that she definitely knew he was there and PUT HIM THERE SO THIS WOULD GO VIRAL, I SEE YOU).

Like this little girl, I come from a somewhat musically inclined family, and by that I mean my brother was in a band when he was 10 years old. I had a crush on the guitarist—who was 9. (What? Eight year old me had a thing for guitarists, okay?) The point is my brother told my ~crush~ that I was in 8-year-old love with him and it was horribly embarrassing.

What this chick's brother did to her is about 80 times worse. But it's 80 times more hilarious and a lot less cliché.

For some reason that is never made clear, this sibling pair is in the bathroom while filming their viral video. The girl, looking fresh in her artfully cut All About That Bass shirt, is belting it out when all of a sudden, you see her brother... body rolling. Gyrating. Doing a colorful, yet extreme set of dance moves you wouldn't think you'd see outside of an adult venue.

Here's the dynamic sibling duo:

It's abundantly clear that their fame relies on each other. The boy needs his sister to sing, and the singing sister needs her brother to, well, body roll in the shower. He's got some pretty striking form too. Like, the way he puts his hand on the glass of the shower and leans into it. Not everyone can pull that move off.

Here are 4 other sibling class acts, in case you're looking for a way to embarrass your sibling later:

1. These ridiculously funny babies

OK, so these babies aren't embarrassing each other, but they do seem to understand the meaning of hilarity. I'm not quite sure what the older brother's doing to keep the laughing charade, but it's working. If your main objective was to be completely overwhelmed by laughing babies, then mission accomplished.

2. These siblings who are SO EMBARRASSED that they're getting a little brother or sister

They're pretty flushed about the whole miracle of life thing. Their parents are going to have three children. Like, that's embarrassing. No, mom, not exciting. Embarrassing.

3. Innocent sisters everywhere getting tortured by My Little Pony

Warning: This video is sad, weird and for best results, watch while high.

4. This scream-happy brother whose sister has some major blackmail

No sweat, man, that sh*t looked scary.

Image: YouTube