14 Reasons 'The O.C.'s Seth Cohen Would Make A Perfect Talk Show Host

I have always had sort of a hard time getting over things. Television shows — and, by extension, fictional characters — are no exception. You see, I took to The O.C. and its characters when I first set eyes on them as a bright eyed 12 year old, and not much has changed since. To me, The O.C. , and its leads are still very much alive and thriving, even now in 2015. (Well, except for Marissa because of that whole horrific car accident thing. May she rest in peace.) Considering that the teen inhabitants of this fictional version of Orange County would be now full-fledged adults in the modern age, though, I sometimes wonder where their career paths would have taken them. Because, honestly, if Seth Cohen didn’t end up as a talk show host, aka the next Ellen DeGeneres or Jimmy Fallon, there would truly be no justice in the world.

What I’m trying to say is, Seth Cohen would make a totally bomb talk show host. Why? Well, because he’s quick-witted, able to banter, up on all of the current events and pop culture happenings, and full of chutzpah. That’s right, you’ve gotta be brazen to host your own talk show — and, you’ve got to be worthy of having your name up in lights. It’s going to be just you up there… talking, and you better have something worth talking about, which is why Seth would thrive in the hot seat. He always has something to say.

So, as if you needed any sort of convincing, here are all of the reasons why Seth Cohen would make the perfect talk show host:

He's entertaining

You've got me hook, line, and sinker, Cohen. Always have.

He knows how to command attention and, therefore, an audience

That boy doesn't even need a microphone! Well — OK, with all those screaming fans, maybe he does.

He's, well, a bit of a diva

And this sort of career warrants that type of self-interest.

He's got the right amount of spice

To make things edgy.

And the right amount of nice

To keep things balanced.

He knows how to execute a perfect segue

And how to ask the hard hitting questions.

He's a charmer

He can win even the most resistant of guests over. I'm looking at you, Joaquin Phoenix.

He has extensive pop culture knowledge

Encyclopedic, actually. Basically, he's got a lot to talk about. Which is a good thing, if he's going to have a show about... talking.

He's a trendsetter

Cohen = Cool.

He's got moves

Watch out, Fallon. Cohen's comin' for ya.

He knows the importance of body language

And that the camera will pick up on certain poignant subtleties.

He's in tune with the fact that public perception is everything

It's a good thing he's easily adaptable.

He's able to carry on a conversation, whatever the cost

Because believe it or not, those celebs can sometimes be impossibly dry.

And, he's got a knack for great one-liners

The mark of a true talk show host is the ability to have something that is uniquely their own brand.

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