5 Ways To Dress Like A Dancer

by Madison Alcedo

Here's one reason you should consider breaking it down to your favorite music tonight: today is International Dance Day! I think you should go a little bit further than that, too. In celebration of the event, why not dress like the dancer you've aways wanted to be?

International Dance Day, or IDD, was created in 1982 by the dance committee of the International Theatre Institute, according to the IDD website. IDD is always celebrated on April 29 in honor of Jean-Georges Noverre's birthday who was the creator of modern ballet.

Dancer or no dancer, we all have Jean-Georges to thank for creating ballet, as it is the basis of all dance and, as a result, all of the awesome outfits ballet and other forms of dance have inspired us to wear.

There's no doubt we all like to dance in some capacity (even if it is in your bedroom while no one is watching), which means you have an excuse to celebrate International Dance Day. Here are 5 ways to dress like your favorite kind of dancer, from ballet to hip-hop.

1. Ballet Dancer

Even if you quit ballet as a little girl, you can still get the ballet dancer vibe with a leotard or body suit and a fun, feminine skirt.

ASOS TALL Cut Away Body, $29, ASOS

Textured Skirt, $40, H&M

2. Hip-Hop Dancer

Basically, if you took Kylie Jenner's casual style and replicated it, you would look like the typical hip-hop dancer. To get the look, just choose a crop trop, some kind of sweater to tie around your waist, a pair of cropped joggers, and a snapback to top off the look. You know you've always wanted to be in a hip-hop music video dressed like this.

American Needle Haven Brooklyn Strapback Hat, $32, Urban Outfitters

Ribbed Knit Halter Top, $11, Forever 21

Linen Capri Joggers, $12, Forever 21

3. Ballroom Dancer

You may never get to be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars or wear their amazing costumes, but you can try out the look, especially with this dress.

Sequined Dress, $299, H&M

4. Salsa Dancer

When we think of salsa dancing dresses, we immediately think of fringe and sequins, and that's all you need to pull off the look. Of course some salsa dancing lessons with Derek Hough would be nice too.

ASOS T-shirt Sequin Fringe Dress, $60, ASOS

5. Swing Dancer

Swing dancing makes us think of the 1950s, which was all about the polka dot dress. Get your vintage vibe on with a flared, spotted dress while channeling the dance competition scene from Grease.

Belted Print Mixed Media Fit & Flare Dress, $188, Nordstrom

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