Kevin Zegers & His Wife Expecting Twins & Here Are Some 'Gossip Girl'-Inspired Names They Should Consider

I don’t know about you, but I love babies. They’re chubby and giggly and sweet and not yet exposed by this sometimes gross, awful world we live in — it's adorable. So, when I hear someone is expecting, I get all sorts of excited for them. Especially, when one of those people just so happens to be a beloved celebrity. Case-in-point: People reported that Damien Daalgard from Gossip Girl— aka Kevin Zegers — and his wife, Jaime Feld are expecting. But here's the best part: Zegers' rep has confirmed to multiple sources that they're having twins. Twin girls, that is. So yes, those good looks are being multiplied by two, and I could not be more expected.

Zegers and Feld no doubt have a lot to prepare for as expecting parents, and that can be stressful — even more so when you factor in the fact that, not only are they about to be responsible for two totally dependent lives, but they also have to name those two dependent lives. Like, don’t you have a favorite name? One that you loved above all else? Which one do you give it to? Do you play fair and not give it to either baby? I don’t know, man.

But, fear not: if the expectant couple is stressing out over this dilemma, I just made up in my mind and I have an idea for them. Here are a list of baby names inspired by Gossip Girl. Because, well, Zegers appeared in it, doesn't everything revolve around that? (In my life it does, anyway...)

Dorota Jay... aka DJ

Dorota and Little J, obvs. Plus. there's maybe a cool Full House connection here?


Like van der Woodsen... Yes? No? On the fence?


An ode to Serena's little bro.


For their dad's infamous character, however dastardly he was.


Vanessa and Serena, of course! I dig it.

Danielle Rue

Dan and Rufus Humphrey deserve some respect.

Ella Blair

For the Waldorf women, of course!


OK, Georgina could be pretty dastardly, but it's such a sweet name, and she was undeniably cool in an evil sort of way.

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