Coco Chanel Is The Most Glamorous Woman Ever

Famed photographer Douglas Kirkland has captured more than his fair share of gorgeous images. Though he's perhaps most well known for his photos of Marilyn Monroe, Douglas Kirkland's photos of Coco Chanel are sure to be some of his most iconic work. The images, to be released in a book entitled Coco Chanel Three Weeks/1962, showcase the brilliant designer hard at work and in her natural element. Even working her nine to five, Coco is easily one of the most effortlessly chic women who ever lived.

Chanel is one of the most iconic fashion houses, but the brand didn't begin by crafting gorgeous quilted bags and red carpet gowns. Coco was originally a milliner, and I'm pretty sure those were the best hats that ever entered the world. Now, every year during Fashion Month, the front row is filled to the brim with some of the most stylish A-List celebrities. The label is now led by Karl Lagerfeld, but the designer still maintains the classically beautiful aesthetic.

The stunning quality of Kirkland's photos comes from Coco Chanel herself. In each image, the designer looks perfectly put together and effortlessly stylish. In his upcoming book, Kirkland writes, "At 79, she still had impeccable posture and stood erect as a ballerina. She couldn't have weighed more than 90 pounds and moved around with great energy. Everyone always showed her total respect. She made opinionated statements, and I don't ever remember disagreeing with her."

That's the magic of CoCo Chanel to me. The icon was bold, energetic, and seemingly willing to take on the world. She's often credited with ushering in a more relaxed, menswear inspired style for women, and it's her daring spirit that reminds us that there's something about fashion and style that is both freeing and beautiful, much like the images of CoCo.