Will Thea Leave 'Arrow' To Be With Roy? 'Shippers Shouldn't Give Up Hope Just Yet

Wow. That was a lot of information to digest in 60 minutes. Not only did we learn that Oliver and Nyssa's will get married on Arrow (which they both look super psyched about, BTW), but Wednesday night's episode "Al Sah-Him" even offered up hope for a potential Thea and Roy reunion. You see, amid all of the chaos that's occurred throughout the past few weeks, the members of Team Arrow had totally forgotten to inform Thea that Roy is actually alive and well. (Seriously, guys, way to bury the lead.) But now that she knows, is there any chance that Thea will leave Arrow to be with Roy, thus allowing them to start new lives together?

It's certainly a nice image to think about, given how much they've both been through over the course of this series. Sure, there's a part of me that's slightly skeptical it won't work out, especially since it feels unlikely that we'd lose two big players so suddenly. (Well, that and the fact that Arrow isn't exactly known for its happy endings.) But let's just set aside our skepticism for a little while and convince ourselves that the glass is half full (of love potion) in this particular case. There are always exceptions to any rule, so what's to say that Thea and Roy can't ride off into the sunset together, defeating all of the odds?

It also helps that the promo for next week's episode "This Is Your Sword," shows the two star-crossed lovers sharing a rather steamy-looking kiss with each other. Because — that's right, folks — Roy is making a special appearance next week! So does this indicate that Thea does leave Starling City to be with him or is this more of a goodbye type of situation? The worrier in me tends to think it's the latter, but I'm going to try my best to hold onto as much hope as I can for this 'shipping pair. Their story can't be over with just yet (or ever).

So let's just relish in this possibility, shall we? And pray that this storyline won't send us weeping into a gallon of cookie dough ice cream… again.

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Images: Cate Cameron/The CW