'Jobs' Trailer: Will Ashton Kutcher Be Able to Rise Above Himself?

I have loved Ashton Kutcher ever since his days on That '70s Show, through Punk'd, and even through his marriage to Demi Moore (which I felt really questionable about, so that shows my devotion). However, in the trailer for his new movie Jobs, I couldn't help but feel that I was just watching Kutcher play himself playing Steve Jobs. Because Steve Jobs' whole thing was that he was brilliant, but also a dick. Now, Kutcher playing versions of himself in the other projects (What Happens in Vegas, No Strings Attached, etc.) has been no issue — he's cute and fun to watch! — but is this role too ambitious for our favorite surfer/model/cougar-lover?

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Of course, Jobs was going to be a huge and difficult role for whoever took it on (and for whoever will take it on in Aaron Sorkin's version), no matter their skill set. Perhaps Kutcher will surprise us and make Jobs both unlikeable and thoroughly admirable at the same time. But the only hint of that in the trailer was when Jobs tells someone to get out of the office, and even then, it could've just been Kelso in a weak moment.

The whole pop-anthem-blaring, constant-shots-of-ashton-kutcher-screaming-while-shirtless thing is a cause for concern as well. Jobs is not Mark Zuckerberg, but the trailer might as well have been about Facebook, it reeked so heavily of hipsterdom and fashionable disillusionment. Here's to hoping the film proves me wrong — I'd be able to love Kutcher without shame if he could give us proof of his acting chops. So c'mon Kelso... er, I mean Steve. Show us a good job(s)!