New 'Labor Day' Trailer: Watch Kate Winslet In the Movie Everyone Will Be Talking About

Trailers for sure-to-be excellent Kate Winslet movies never really need a reason, but I'm just going to call the release of this a Halloween miracle. Thanks to Slashfilm, we now have the first trailer for Labor Day , the latest drama from Up in the Air director Jason Reitman. Starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, it makes things clear from the start: This is nothing like what you've seen from Reitman before. There's no comedy here, not even dark comedy, and there's definitely no quirky subplots or characters. There is, however, Kate Winslet looking just as depressed as she did in Revolutionary Road and The Reader — so that's familiar!

Anyway, in the trailer, we're introduced to 13-year-old Henry (Dylan Minnette) and his mother Adele (Kate Winslet), who are out shopping when they meet a bloody, mysterious man named Frank (Josh Brolin). Against all sensibility and logic, Adele makes like those women who become pen pals with serial killers, and decides to give Frank a ride back to their house. From there on, they discover that Frank is actually an escaped convict who's developing a fixation on Adele, and we're stuck wondering whether or not he can be trusted. Suspense!

All in all, the trailer looks promising. Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin always give knock-out performances, and the film has actually already premiered at the Telluride Film Festival to tons of acclaim. Check out the trailer below, and decide for yourself.

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