Here's How Jourdan Dunn Is Doing Wearable Tech

It's only right that one of the world's hottest models gets in on the fashion x wearable tech trend. Jourdan Dunn and HTC INK's wearable tech take is unique, for sure. Basically, bespoke tattoo designs are engraved onto a limited edition run of the beautiful HTC One M9 smartphone handsets.

I know, it took me a minute to process what, exactly, this collab entailed. At first, I was like, "I think this sounds cool." Then after I realized what it was, I was like, "OMG, this could be really cool."

So basically, the smartphone handset is already jewelry-inspired and Dunn's custom HTC INK design will look like metallic body art. So it's like a tattooed phone, but fancier. Cally-Jo Pothecary created the design, in partnership with the supermodel.

Dunn is also the brand's first global ambassador and, given her appeal and her everywhere-ness, she will be giving the company and its phones a serious boost and increased visibility.

Why should you care about this endeavor? Well, if you have any sort of tattoo commitment issues, this is certainly a unique and fun way to play around with the look of tattoos without involving your skin.

Let's face it. Our smartphones are always at hand and they are as indicative of our style as our tattoos, our clothes, or our hair.

The Dunn design is certainly intricate and looks like a tattoo. This cool image makes technology even more personal and customized, beyond changing a few of the settings on your phone, which anyone can do with a little savvy and some apps.

Here's the who, what, and why.

1. Jourdan Dunn Gets Creative


The model was stoked to get creative. "My experience in the world of fashion means that I have a passion for creativity and expressing personal style," Dunn said about her HTC Ink collabo in a press release. "The HTC INK campaign seemed like a fun way for me to showcase the inspiration behind my own body art and share my love of design. I'm proud to be part of HTC's campaign and am excited to see people around the world with my creation on their HTC One M9."

2. Body Art Beyond The Body


HTC's Cher Wang even noted that "no brand has yet tapped into the potential of body art and it seemed a natural fit for HTC's commitment to promote brilliant design and individual expression... we will continue to lead the industry in setting trends and making technology more human and individualistic." Again, you can download a ringtone, buy a cool case that mimics a hand mirror or has Justin Bieber's face on it, and bling out your phone so it looks like anything but a phone. This is just a classier way to do it.

3. What Is That?

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As for the Dunn design, it's got so many layers (of meaning) that it's like getting dressed on a cold day. It's open hand and an eye, which symbolize our desire for protection and strength, while remaining open and approachable. The natural leaf patterns reflect growth, while the sun and moon nod to the notions of balance and harmony.

If this smartphone design thing isn't doing it for you, HTC INK temporary metallic body art transfers will be available eventually. So there's that.

Images: HTC INK/PR Newsire (1); Getty (3)