Emma Carries Bag With Andrew's Name On It. What?!

by Tracy Dye

As an avid fan of both Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, I found reports of their split to be even more heartbreaking than (spoiler alert) Gwen Stacy's demise in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Through the course of their three-year relationship, Garfield and Stone provided us with a Rolodex of cute moments, from red carpet PDA to ice cream dates. Remember that time they photobombed a fan? That was my fave.

All of those mourning the presumed loss of yet another celebrity romance may be able to shelve their tissue boxes, because the Garfield/Stone coupling could still be intact! Stone was recently spotted carrying a large shopping bag labeled with Garfield's name in plain sight. Although some would assume that this bag is likely to contain memorabilia and/or articles of clothing to return to an ex, this doesn't seem to be the case, as Stone actually appears to have picked up the bag of mystery from her stylist's office in Beverly Hills. I don't know about you, but to me that has all the familiar symptoms of someone blissfully in love running an errand on the apple of their eye's behalf. One question remains: What is in that bag?

I've concocted a few possibilities.


Maybe Garfield dropped off some flowers for Stone, or she was picking up some flowers to give to Garfield because she loves him. It's 2015, after all, so women don't have to be the only recipients of a nice bouquet.

Hair Products

Along with their inimitable acting skills, Garfield and Stone have been known for their enviable coifs. I'd wager a guess that Stone would have no problem picking up some tools for Garfield's mane maintenance.

Picnic Fixings

Our favorite celebrity couple could be having a romantic picnic as we speak! How adorable!

Movie Scripts

Don't even try to deny it: Garfield and Stone are able to showcase some sizzling onscreen chemistry. Now that Spider-Man is due for a reboot that will — most likely — not be featuring Garfield or Stone, directors would be remised to miss out on an opportunity to feature these two in a new motion picture.

Dancing Shoes & Clothing

Couples who take dance classes together, stay together.

New Red Carpet Attire

Stone was caught leaving her stylist's, after all. Maybe her stylist had a new ensemble she wanted Garfield to try on for his next red carpet appearance.

Love Letters

Maybe these two lovebirds enjoy waxing poetic about each other via the written word so much, it takes an entire shopping bag to hold all the love letters they exchange!

There has been no confirmation or denial of a possible reconciliation — in fact, confirmation of an actual breakup was vague to say the least. As an eternal optimist, I like to believe that our two favorite lovebirds are back together, or at least traveling down a route where all roads lead to love.

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