This Unstainable Shirt Will Change Your Life

If you have never spilled on yourself while wearing a clean white shirt — you're lying, because it's pretty much inevitable. Elizabeth & Clarke created an unstainable white shirt that is so magical, you won't believe your eyes. Spilling coffee on your blouse has never been more fun! You can now lay that fear of wearing white to rest.

So how does this magic actually work? It's called nanotechnology, which works to "disrupt the hydrogen bond that binds together water molecules", according to Fast Co Design. The result is an amazing fabric that repels water-based and oil-based liquids, spanning the full range of all condiments and beverages you can possibly think of. Thanks to E&C, our inner clumsiness is finally being recognized and embraced rather than shamed. Because there is nothing worse than half your lunch ending up on your clothes instead of in your mouth — and let's face it, we've all been there.

Let's review 5 situations where this magical spill resistant shirt would come in handy, because the struggle of being clumsy is REAL.

1. Driving To Work With Your Coffee In Hand

2. When You Have To Use Your Feet As Hands Because You Just Got A Manicure

3. Chugging Champagne At Brunch

4. Chugging Anything, Really

5. Eating A Messy Lunch

But not with the unstainable shirt — voilà!

I'll take 10, please!

Images: Elizabeth & Clarke, Imgur, Giphy (4); Kickstarter