If Waka Flocka Flame & Dan Bilzerian Are Really Presidential Running Mates & They Make The Perfect Match

There's still well over a year left until the presidential elections of 2016, and it's par for the course that, in that time, there are going to be some bizarre pairings announced. That, of course, is where Waka Flocka Flame comes in. If it was weird enough that Waka was running for president, it's about to get weirder. This week, Waka announced that his running mate is Dan Bilzerian, famed tycoon and champion poker player — despite the fact that Bilzerian may or may not also be running alongside Rand Paul. If you're already confused, don't worry, because I am too.

But worse than Waka's strange political platform or the thought of him running our country is the idea that Bilzerian would be at his side while he does it. But although theirs would be the unholiest of unholy alliances, I can't help but admit that they're kind of perfect for each other, in a running mate kind of way.

Because based on Waka and Bilzerian's personalities and pasts, if they're not already best friends, I'd expect that to happen pretty soon. They're alike in all kinds of ways, and while it would probably yield horrifying results if they were in the White House, their union is actually pretty hilarious.

They're both obsessed with social media

Bilzerian is known as the "King of Instagram," and with more than 8 million followers, it's kind of hard to argue with that. And as for Waka? In the past 48 hours, he has Instagrammed 12 times — mostly videos — and although this is more than most people Instagram in a week, this is a pretty regular occurrence for him. Clearly, their campaign would be filled with BFF selfies in front of the American flag, and I don't know if we're ready for that.

They're both involved in the porn industry

Waka Flocka on YouTube

And by "involved," I mean Bilzerian was once accused of throwing a naked porn star off of a roof and into a pool. And of course, Waka's music video for "Bust" was filmed as a collaboration with the mega popular porn site, Pornhub. So they definitely have that in common.

They both love guns

Waka loves them so much that he sings about how much he loves them. Bilzerian often parties with the NRA and is frequently pictured holding his many guns in rather compromising positions.

They both have the love of the game

Waka's game is Minecraft, which you can see him playing in the video above with his friends. And Bilzerian? He obviously loves poker, and he's pretty good at it — so good that he's played in the World Series of Poker. So if nothing else, at least the presidential dream team is good at playing the odds.