Anna Kendrick Could Have Been On 'Gilmore Girls'

by Alyse Whitney

In today's missed connections, Anna Kendrick revealed she auditioned for Gilmore Girls , but lost out on the guest-starring role earlier in her career. Although she didn't tell the New York Times who she was auditioning for, the idea that Kendrick could have been hanging out with Rory and Lorelai in Stars Hollow is absolutely mind-blowing. The hilarious and fast-talking actress would have fit in with the Gilmores, chugging coffee at Luke's, helping Rory through her boy problems — a.k.a. leading her right back to Jess Mariano, ahem — and being a genuinely delightful addition to the cast.

The first thing that came to mind when I read the news was all of the characters Kendrick could have played. But instead of thinking of guest roles she could have taken on — like Dean's wife, Lindsey (Arielle Kebbel) or Rory's Yale friend Lucy (Krysten Ritter) — I am imagining new ones that the show should have had. Whether it's a ghost from the Gilmores' past or a brand-new face in town, Kendrick could have tackled any of these seven roles perfectly. Since we can't go back and write her into the show, I'll just hope the Gilmore Girls movie or Netflix series happens after their reunion at ATX Television Festival this summer and she can hop right in.

Miss Patty's New Assistant — Or Replacement

No one can ever be the new Miss Patty, but at some point, she'd have to retire from teaching dance. Kendrick could come in as her new assistant, then perhaps take over later in life. Since Miss Patty didn't have any kids (that we knew of), she could even be like her daughter.

A New Waitress At Luke's

It felt like Luke did everything, so having Kendrick come in to help out would make his life easier. Plus, with her sarcastic quips, she would be the Gilmores' new favorite.

Michel's Temporary Replacement At The Dragonfly Inn

If Michel ever got sick and couldn't work for a while, Lorelai and Sookie would need someone to man the desk at the Dragonfly Inn. Who better than an equally miserable, eye-rolling person like Kendrick? She would bring so much sass to the table, even though she doesn't have a French accent.

A Bookstore Clerk Who Becomes Rory's Second BFF

Say Rory is strolling the aisles of the bookstore alone and a friendly, smart clerk helps her find her new favorite book? Instant best friend status, and they'd have nights in with Chinese food and lots of TV with Lane and Lorelai, too.

Christopher's Long-Lost Daughter

Not that we need another reason to hate Christopher, but what if he got someone pregnant right after he and Lorelai broke up in high school and found out down the road? Rory could have a sister her age, not just little Georgia. Drama!

A Rival Who Tries To Steal Rory's Job At Yale Daily News

Rory always had competition with Paris, but what if Kendrick came in to try to take over both of their jobs at the newspaper? It would be a fight for the record books.

Jess' New Girlfriend (Who Is About To Break Up With Him...)

Hear me out on this one: what if when Rory saw Jess again, he had a new girlfriend... but she was about to break up with him, knew Rory and Jess' story, and convinced them to get back together?Perfect ride off into the sunset material.

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