This Guy Dancing To Michael Jackson On The Treadmill Proves That Gyms Now Officially Come With Even More Pressure To Perform (Great.) — VIDEO

Look, I can barely stay upright on a moving treadmill when I'm walking on it, so treadmill dancers are a mystery to me. After I saw Carson Dean dance to "Uptown Funk" on the treadmill a few months ago, I almost decided to give up on treadmills altogether. But now that I've seen his new contender dancing to Michael Jackson on the treadmill, I'm officially, finally, super duper done with trying to look competent on these machines. Gyms should basically just be repurposed into giant stages so we can watch these dancers do their thing, because I feel way more fulfilled in my human life watching them go at it than I ever do after a workout.

Personal trainer Trent Ruban of the GoodLife Fitness Center in Ontario is the star of this video, and he is so boss that he should only ever teach this in personal training sessions from here on out. If someone taught me sick moves like that, maybe I'd be into exercising, too. He uses the treadmill's momentum for all sorts of slick dancing that would make any normal human nervous, but I'm guessing if you're delving into this brand of exercise art, you've already surpassed the point of "normal".

Here's the video of Ruben's performance:

Because you can never get enough treadmill dancing, here are some other people who are killing it at treadmill dancing:

1. Marcus Dorsey

David W on YouTube

2. Carson Dean

TheEllenShow on YouTube

Getting on the Ellen show is my #LifeGoal, guys.

3. The bosses in this World's Largest Treadmill Dance

NordicTrack on YouTube

4. Glee star Harry Shum

Entertainment Tonight on YouTube


And, of course, the original treadmill dancers ...

5. The band OK Go performing "Here It Goes Again"

OKGoVEVO on YouTube

Sorry not sorry for all the 2009 feels there, y'all.