20 Mother's Day Cards That Are Perfect For The Mom Who Loves Her Wine

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If your mom is a total wino who knows the value of a good glass of red, give her what she really wants for Mother's Day this year: a Mother's Day card about wine that will make her smile, laugh out loud, or just decide that you really are her favorite child. After all, this is the ideal time of year to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her, and what better way to do that than with a card that proves just how well you know her?

Etsy allows you to skip the boring and cliche cards you'll find in the Hallmark aisle of drugstores to give your mom something more special and personal. These wine cards could not be more perfect for the mom who enjoys a glass (or two) at the end of each day, or the mom who taught her kids that cooking, entertaining, and life in general is just better with an open bottle by your side. But don't forget — if you're going to give her a card about wine, you should probably follow that up with a bottle of her favorite kind. First, check out these 20 Mother's Day wine cards to find the one you want. Happy drinking!

Image: etsy.com

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