Here's Why Tom Hiddleston Is So Smart

It's pretty well-known that the actor behind Loki is a total smarty-pants — but how did he get that way? Was he just born with it? Is he just that naturally amazing? While as a Hiddlestoner I'm totally cool with just answering "yes, obviously," to those questions because, obviously, the answer is probably more of a normal one surrounding, like, schooling or something. Which leads me to wonder: did Tom Hiddleston go to college?

Turns out, yes, he did! In fact, he technically went to three of them, which I guess is the upside to his career not getting started until later in his life. As opposed to starting acting as a child, he was fortunate enough to find the time and money to attend three of England's top colleges to further his education. There's no denying he's smart, (I mean, have you ever heard him speak?) but, looking at his advanced schooling, his level of intelligence makes so much sense.

For the equivalent of middle school and high school, Hiddleston attended Eton College, one of the best college preparatory schools in England. From there, he then went on to the University of Cambridge for his undergraduate career, and he graduated from the Pembroke College section of Cambridge with a double first in Classics. For the record, that's a fancy way of saying that Hiddles basically double majored in Greco-Roman studies — it encompasses everything Greek and Roman, from art to literature to history. That explains why he can speak Greek, and how he knows so much about classic literature.

From there, Hiddleston went on to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, an extremely prestigious drama school. Some of its alumni include Ralph Fiennes, Alan Rickman, Kenneth Branagh. Hiddleston graduated their three-year program in 2005, and was then cast in his first major film role, Unrelated, where he finally got to put all those years of studying the arts to good use.

I can't say I'm surprised that Hiddleston attended, not one but three of the top colleges in England. He's simply amazing in every way, and his intelligence only makes him that much more attractive. Gotta love a man who can speak Greek (and eight other languages).

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