'Pitch Perfect 2' Will Feautre 'Sing-Off' Group The Filharmonic: Get to Know Their Hits! — VIDEOS

No, it's not another adorable group selfie, but the newest news surrounding the Pitch Perfect sequel is still pretty good: The Sing-Off a cappella group The Filharmonic will be featured in Pitch Perfect 2 . It's hopefully just another sign that the music in this movie's gonna be just as good as it was in the first.

Director Elizabeth Banks has already stacked the movie with an array of musical acts, from Pentatonix (who won Season 3 of The Sing-Off ) to German YouTube DJ Flula Borg. These acts, as well as Filharmonic, will likely make up the Barden groups' competition in the film, rounding out the musical environment the movie's set in.

We've still got a long way to go before we actually experience Pitch Perfect 2 — the film doesn't come out until May 2015. But for now, we can wile away the hours by imagining what the sequel has in store for us besides an introduction to Hailee Steinfeld's singing voice and some sort of something from Katey Sagal. We can pass the time by reliving the first film (that soundtrack's still addictive), brainstorming who Seinfeld might play, or, alternatively, spending some time soaking up what Filharmonic's got to offer:

The Filharmonic on YouTube
The Filharmonic on YouTube

Image: NBC