UberRUSH Courier Service Will Deliver Your Online Shopping Orders The Same Day You Make Them, If Testing Goes Well

If you're excited about all of new innovations coming out of Uber, than you're going to love their latest pilot program. Uber is expanding into same-day delivery service for online retailers, meaning you can shop online and receive your items on the same day you ordered them. Imagine how much more enjoyable online shopping will be without having to wait days or even weeks for delivery.

Uber is going to be using its UberRUSH courier service in order to introduce this expansion. UberRUSH was launched less than a month ago in Manhattan and can be used as a mail or delivery service, with almost instantaneous delivery results. The courier service prices range from $15 to $30, depending on the distance the item has to travel. While the delivery service is pricey, it could be well worth the money in the right circumstances. If you want to order a dress online to wear to an event you have that evening, for example, same-day delivery from retailers could save you from a time-consuming trip to an actual store.

The plan is to use UberRUSH drivers to also perform this service, which means more running around for the deliverers, but higher profit margins for Uber. It seems that the orders the drivers take will actually not take place through UberRUSH, but a new app that is being developed that will do double-duty. You could soon be riding in an Uber that is not only being used as a car service, but as an online shopping and food delivery service.

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If you're wondering what stores are going to be Uber-able, there's no official word yet; however, sources at Consumerist say that high-end retailers like Tiffany and Neiman Marcus are in talks to become a part of Uber's new delivery service. In fact, there are over 400 retailers that are currently discussing the possibility with Uber, which could turn this new feature into the new standard for online shopping.

The initial test run is going to be in collaboration with the shopping app Spring, which will be offering three hour delivery from eight participating brands, with no extra charge for the customer. Some of the participating brands Spring sells on their mobile app include Bing Bang Jewelry and Negative Underwear.

Uber has been expanding its delivery services with new models a lot recently, with UberEssentials and UberEats being just two of the many experiments the company has been testing. TechCrunch asked Uber to comment on its most recent experiment; a spokesperson kept it somewhat vague, but noted, "Experimenting and finding new, creative ways for the Uber app to provide even greater value to our riders and driver partners is a way of life at Uber. We have been piloting UberRUSH with multiple retailers for the last year."

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Since this news just broke and there is no official word on when and where this launch will take place, you'll have to stay tuned to find out more information on the official test run of this new online delivery service from Uber. We'll keep our eyes peeled!

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