This Little Girl Falling Into Chickens Is Adorable

Not to be this person, but I just watched this video 14 times. To be fair, it's only 9 seconds, so it's not like I wasted too much time. We've all seen cute baby videos. The genre's really expanded: We now have parenting videos, little girls questioning their mortality, and balancing babies to sift through. But this video really will top all of the others. And I know I've said that before and I'll probably say it again, but I'm really serious this time, guys. There is absolutely nothing you will ever need more than this little girl falling over feeding chickens.

This satisfies the viral video cravings of all different viewing audiences, and I'll prove it. The world is divided into two categories: People who love baby videos and people who love baby animal videos. (I understand that this is a pathetically simplistic view on the world, but for the purpose of this strategic proof, go with me.)

So, two categories. I fall in the babies category because I like real human persons and fell in love a long time ago with a video of a little girl slipping on ice (we'll circle back to that video, don't worry). The others fall into the animal category and absolutely can't get enough of cute baby bat videos, etc. But this video will make us all live in perfect harmony because this girl is FEEDING CHICKENS before she face plants. It's cute from start to finish, it's only 9 seconds and it unites the baby lovers and the animal lovers. Basically, what I'm saying is this video is quite possibly the solution to world peace.

Presenting, your new favorite video of all time:

Watch it again. You know you want to.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a huge soft spot for little babies falling. My favorite video, up until this point, is the little girl who slipped on ice and made your day infinitely better.

She's such a babushka! The fur around her face?! Does it get any better than that?

Now, here's the real test. Are you a baby person, or an animal person? Do a side-by-side comparison between the two videos above and this video of a cute puppy suddenly falling asleep:

So, which one was cute enough that it made you need to watch it again? The baby or the puppy? YOU MUST CHOOSE.

Just kidding. You can love both equally. I have to say, for me the issue with the puppy one is that he just always wants to fall asleep. And, like, that's kinda my thing. Ya know?

Do you need one more side-by-side comparison? What the heck, we got time. Ain't nobody trying to finish their work right now.

Would you rather....

Play tug of war with these THREE precious puppies, who are not only beautiful little fluff balls but also have eyes that could literally make your insides melt with glee:

Or, would you rather kick it with one of these adorable babies trying lemons for the first time?

The choice is yours.

Images: YouTube