Miss Piggy Receives Feminist Award, Naturally

by Augusta Statz

As if Miss Piggy wasn’t already your spirit animal, (she’s mine for sure!) she’s just given you another reason to totally love her. Miss Piggy has been named a feminist icon. There you have it. Miss Piggy is officially ah-mazing, and for more than just her fabulous wardrobe.

Being awarded the Brooklyn Museum Slacker Center First Award is no small feat. Miss Piggy will be joining the likes of Toni Morrison, Sandra Day O’Connor and Julie Taymor, who have also received the award. The Muppet was selected because of her “spirit, determination and grit,” according to AP. I’m sure her kick butt, take names later attitude and killer fashion sense don't hurt, either!

Miss Piggy said, “Moi is thrilled” after hearing the news, and moi wouldn’t expect any other response. She will be honored with the award at a ceremony on June 4th, where she will also be interviewed by feminist spokeswoman Gloria Steinem. Kermit the Frog is set to be there also (as her date, no doubt).

In honor of Miss Piggy’s incredible achievement, here’s a look at her best style moments. She is truly one fashionable Muppet and a true role model for ladies everywhere!

Miss Piggy looks her best when...

1. Fabulously eating a cupcake

Talk about body positivity. Miss Piggy has no shame while eating this cupcake. And why should she? She looks great doing it. I mean, those gloves. Come on.

2. Posing in Paris

Possibly her favorite place in the world (who can blame her), Miss Piggy definitely knows how to dress in Paris!

3. Attending the Oscars

Miss Piggy wears pearls like no other. She's bringing old school Hollywood glamour to the Oscars. Work it, piggy!

4. Rocking a feather boa

Katy Winn/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A fashion staple of hers, Miss Piggy looks her best when she's got her boa by her side.

5 Working a bob

How on-trend you are, Miss Piggy! These bangs and short bob look so good on her!

6. Showing great game time fashion

Miss Piggy even looks good court side. If there was ever an elegant way to eat popcorn-- this would be it!

7. Looking classically beautiful

There's nothing like houndstooth with pops of pink to make Miss Piggy look like a true lady.

8. Teaching us how to wear menswear

Nobody pulls off menswear like Miss Piggy. Nobody.

9. Making a statement

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This bold metallic dress is a statement piece, and Miss Piggy knows how to work it. Look at that pose.

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