7 Things '21 Jump Street' & 'Men In Black's Crossover Should Include, Because This Concept Is Insane In The Best Way

When it comes to ingenious movie ideas, Sony seems to be on a roll lately and apparently, they’re on a mission to prove that the cinematic possibilities are endless. First, there were talks of an all-female 21 Jump Street, which sounds absolutely ah-mazing, and now, here’s some more exciting news: A 21 Jump Street and Men In Black crossover is reportedly in development. According to IGN, in what will apparently be 23 Jump Street, Schmidt and Jenko will join the MIB on their alien-monitoring missions.

Other than Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, there's no word on who the additional cast members will be, or whether Men In Black's Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith will be on board for the project. Since Smith passed on Independence Day 2, my fingers are crossed that he makes some room in his schedule to bring his black suit and shades out of retirement for this.

Casting speculation aside, allow a moment for the concept of a 21 Jump Street and Men in Black crossover to settle into the crevices of your mind. It’s an absolutely insane idea (in a good way, of course) and my mind has already run rampant with possible story lines.

Schmidt and Jenko Are Chosen To Train New Alien Recruits

Needless to say, these alien recruits eventually become the worst employees ever.

Schmidt and Jenko Learn to Use MIB's Neuralyzers

Can you say, worst training session ever?

Schmidt and Jenko vs. Scheming Alien MIB Agent Clones

Unbeknownst to Schmidt and Jenko, alien clones who adapt the likeness of Agents J and K could threaten to derail the pair's latest case.

The Most Epic Dance-Off Ever

Will Smith showed us in his "Men in Black" video that aliens don't dance — they boogie. So, Schmidt and Jenko definitely shouldn't underestimate them.

Jump Street's Captain Dickson Battles Agent J and Agent K

Who'd win in a battle between the world's meanest boss and MIB agents? This one's a tough call.

Schmidt Falls For An Alien

Schmidt has a history of on-the-job romances, so a love affair with an extraterrestrial is basically a given.

Spaceship Crash Scene

With Jenko at the helm, this would be Jump Street's best precinct-ruining moment yet. Images: Giphy (7)