Lamar Odom's Coach Phil Jackson Kind of Blames the Kardashians for His Drug Problems

Wherever Kris Jenner is right now, her head might be exploding. Now the world's most famous momager has to handle not just the PR of her own separation, her favorite daughter's engagement to a megastar and her youngest daughters' tabloid stories, but even more Lamar Odom drama. And by "handle the PR" I obviously mean ghostwrite statements, control social media, and generally manipulate everyone from her secret hidden lair in the Kardashian Kompound.

It'll be a little trickier this time though, as the person commenting on Odom and his recently revealed drug issues is his former NBA coach, Phil Jackson—it's a little harder to control people outside the koven. In a recent interview, Jackson made some pretty general statements about Odom, but they were specific enough to reveal two pretty important pieces of information.

1) He's known about Odom's drug issues for a while, and

2) He kind of blames the Kardashians and doesn't exactly respect Odom's marriage.

In the interview (below), posted by Jezebel, Jackson has the following to say about his history with Odom.

"There's always suspicion that Lamar's gone off the edge in the summertime, and we'd always bring him in. You've got to stay true to your conditioning, we can't monitor you, but you have to do something for yourself. We thought the Kardashian arrangement or marriage was a terrific thing for him because it was a family, it was structure, it was something that would give him support. Maybe it wasn't."

So if there was "always suspicion" about Odom, why didn't Jackson or other Lakers staff do something about it? Besides making him go to practice, which I'm pretty sure can't cure addictions. And if Jackson knew before all of this became public, you have to assume that Khloe, his wife or partner in the "arrangement," knew too.

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But when did she find out? The couple got married one month after they met. Odom could've been clean during that month, or managed to hide his addiction. The question then is whether Khloe knew about his problems when she married him, or didn't find out until later in the marriage about this part of his history.

By referring to it as an arrangement, Jackson doesn't seem very supportive of the relationship, however if he is blaming the Kardashians, that could explain it. It's an unfair assumption, and even if Jackson believed the Kardashians ignored Odom's problems, so did he.

This whole situation is just bizarre, and no one seems to be helping. Jackson is blaming the Kardashians, Odom claims that everything is "wonderful" between him and Khloe and Khloe is just living life, taking selfies like nothing's wrong.

I'm still rooting for Odom, but I highly doubt Jenner is at this point. Odom is causing more publicity issues for the Kardashians than she ever could have imagined. When the combined egos of Kim and Kanye can't cover-up a scandal, you know it's getting out of control.