Zac Posen To Design Delta Airlines' New Uniforms

The '60s and '70s were a golden age for in-flight fashion, but unfortunately, throughout the years, they've lost their glimmer. Until now, as Zac Posen will design Delta Airlines' new uniforms. I always envied the ladies of Pan Am in Catch Me If You Can, in their iconic blue matching separates, little hats, Pan Am totes, and of course, the pantyhose, so I am crossing my fingers Posen's designs will be just as stylish, if not more.

The deal will have Posen designing uniforms for 30,000 of Delta's employees, and are set to be unveiled internationally in 2018. According to WWD, 20,000 of these uniforms will be designed for Delta's male and female flight attendants, while the rest of the uniforms will be made up for service agents, support crews, cargo agents, and TechOpp employees.

Posen expressed his eagerness to WWD to start this partnership, claiming that it gives him an opportunity to dabble in menswear, since he deals exclusively with womenswear. Additionally, working with "durable and fire-retardant fabrics" is a new challenge he'll have to undergo. Posen told WWD, “I think there is something kind of glamorous and practical about flying. Just aerophysics and design are very inspiring to me — how things move through space is informative to the kind of clothing that I make.”

Posen will be following Richard Tyler, who designed the Delta employees' current uniforms which, sadly, some described as "the blandest things you have ever seen," to Posen, who questioned employees about their style preferences. However, he does have some big footsteps to follow, as Edith Heard, an Oscar-winning costume designer, created Delta's "first Jet Age flight attendant uniform that was worn by in-flight staff from 1959 to 1965," according to WWD.

We have no doubt that if anyone can bring glamour to the airport, it's Posen. Watch out, travelers, the flight runway will quite literally become a runway.

Images: @delta/Twitter, @hblori_lori/Twitter, @dorothycrouch/Twitter