Derek's Funeral Did Not Go As Expected

If fans were upset over Derek Shepherd's death, they won't be pleased with how Grey's Anatomy handled Derek's funeral — or lack thereof. While I'd been hoping, along with many others, that his burial would be a chance for some closure and the reappearance of beloved characters, it wasn't meant to be. In fact, Derek's funeral was only a couple of seconds long. Seen through the point of view of a distraught Meredith, viewers saw a quick, blurry, muffled version of what was happening in real life.

So, if you tuned in for a touching memorial for one of the show's longest-running characters, you'd be disappointed. No other guests were even shown, so there was no Cristina Yang or Addison Montgomery return. It was alluded to that Cristina was there, and later Amelia revlead that Addison had been calling to check in. But honestly the funeral wasn't really the sendoff Derek deserved.

It just goes to show that Grey's Anatomy is really not about him anymore. He's dead, and the writers aren't interested in any of the details. Rather they seemed interested in how Derek's death affected everyone else. For Meredith, she ended up kind of sleepwalking through life for several months. Amelia channeled her sadness in bad jokes and a near addiction relapse. April was inspired to go to a war zone and do real good. Miranda Bailey and her husband got into an intense discussion about whether they wanted extraordinary measures to be taken when they died.

It was an episode about everyone but Derek. Which, as a Derek fan, was kind of annoying. But, I didn't think he got the death he deserved, so I guess I'm not surprised that he didn't get the funeral he deserved. And so, since we didn't get to see it, I've taken the time to imagine how it might have gone. In a perfect world, this is what Derek's funeral would have looked like.

All His Friends Would Give Touching And Motivational Speeches

Miranda, Owen, Alex, Richard, and more would have given beautiful eulogies for their dear friend. But they would also all be there to help Meredith move on.

All His Patients Would Show Up

In the ten plus years he was a doctor in Seattle he saved a lot of lives. I'd like to think his patients would come to give their respects to the man who gave them a second chance.

And So Would The Past Characters

Cristina, Addison, Teddy, Izzie, and more would come back to support Meredith in her time of need.

Then We'd Get A Shot Of Derek In Heaven With Mark

Finally reunited, they'd look down on the funeral and the people they'd left behind. Mark would give Derek his classic McSteamy smile and welcome his old friend into the after life.

See, now was that so hard, Grey's Anatomy? I didn't think so.

Images: Kelsey McNeal/ABC; blazingangel, statesofgrey, sgmwfgarp/Tumblr