'Grey's Anatomy' Fans React To The Derek News

In the saddest TV news of the day: Derek Shepherd died on Grey's Anatomy. Fans had been suspecting it for awhile, but that didn't make it any less tragic of a goodbye. So after watching Thursday's episode, Grey's Anatomy fans reacted to Derek's death with a lot of tears. It's understandable that they're really feeling his loss. After all, he'd only been back on Season 11 for about two episodes before he was killed off. Fans were just getting used to him being there again, and then he was torn away from them in a tragic car accident.

Patrick Dempsey's been on the show since the very first episode. His character's relationship with Meredith was central to the show, and many suspected the pair would never break up. They were too important. What does Grey's Anatomy even look like without Derek Shepherd? Well, the show took the season to find out. They sent him to D.C. and it turns out Meredith was fine without her husband. Sure, his presence was missed, but it's clear the show can go on without him.

But, of course, just because it can doesn't mean fans aren't sad. Dempsey will be missed and fans aren't taking Derek's death lightly. Here's how they reacted on Twitter after they discovered that Derek wouldn't be waking back up from his injuries.

There Was Anger Towards Shonda Rhimes

Why Shonda? Why?

Some Pleaded For Him to Come Back

If ever there was a time for it to all be a dream, this is it.

Some Threatened to Quit Watching

It's just too hard!

But Mostly There Were Just Lots of Tears

The crying emoji doesn't even come close to conveying how fans feel. We'll miss you, Derek.

Image: ABC screengrab