What Industry Will North West Conquer After TV?

Sunday is a very big day, ladies and gentleman. Not only do we get a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardasians, but it will feature a very special appearance. You guessed it, sweet baby North West will be on this week's KUWTK . Unlike her adorable cousins Mason, Penelope, and presumably next, Reign, she has never been a regular player on the show. Ever since birth, her appearances have been extremely limited, and often the camera will just show her crib or carrier. North is a bit of a mystery, which is hard to do when you are part of one of America's most famous families, and have a rap star/fashion icon for a father.

But her parents are hardly her only fame-factors. In fact, the Kardashian-Jenner-Disick clan is packed with moguls, with everyone holding down a very different industry. North's mother is building an app enterprise along with her store and show, her uncle has his own line of socks, her grandmother is one of the best talent managers in the business... it's a pretty diverse group of successful careers. North's rare appearance this week has got me thinking, what will North West's future career be? I've given it some thought and gathered up her most likely options, and honestly, I'd be stoked to watch a show about any one of these jobs.

Curator Of The Rap Hall Of Fame

What's that you say? There is no rap hall of fame? Well, there should be and gosh darn it if North isn't just the person to create it. She'll have plenty of contacts in the industry and could always get Kris to back the project. I think I have a pretty good idea of who the first inductee would be...

Star of The Simple Life Reboot

Doesn't it seem like only yesterday Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were packing up their Gucci to live on a farm — or am I showing my age? This show is long overdue for a reboot, and North is just the kind of headline grabbing name that would make it a success. Maybe she and Blue Ivy Carter can rough it together!


With the Kardashian-West genetics there is no question that North will grow up to be absolutely stunning. The only real mystery is if she will take after her Aunt Kendall Jenner and strike out on her own as a model. The next logical step would be occasional actress gigs, a la Brooke Shields.

Designer Clothing Line For Infants

She would have fierce competition in the market since we all know that Suri Cruise is destined for an amazing career in toddler-fashion, but she'd be no match for North, who has been rocking designer wear since day one.

Lady Of Leisure

She's been loaded since the day she was born, maybe she'll decide that what she really wants to do is go to yoga and have long lunches with her friends. Ah, get it if you can Baby North.

DASH Manager & Reality Star

Sure, she might have outgrown this 18 years from now, but we all know there will always be a place for North in Dash, and it's not that crazy to imagine that the Kardashians will still be on E! when she is ready for her very own starring vehicle.

Wildcard: Librarian

Then again, it's possible North will flip all of our expectations and leave the limelight entirely. Maybe, just maybe, she will be burned out on concerts and fashion shows and just want to work somewhere quiet. Until they make a reality show about it we are just going to have to wait and find out.

Images: kimkardashian/Instagram; Giphy (6)