Lance Billaber Sings Rap Lyrics In The Style Of Pop Punk Songs From 2003 And Your Nostalgic Heart Will Rejoice — VIDEO

2003. That was a helluva year, I'll tell ya what. Vine star Lance Billaber harkens back to this glorious and magical time by singing rap songs as though they're pop songs from 2003, and it's giving me all kind of nostalgia feels. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that long lost era? The DaVinci Code was published, enthralling millions of readers worldwide and launching 24/7 Jesus Conspiracy programming on The History Channel for the next 12 years. America's Next Top Model debuted and we had the privilege of beginning to explore the vast and cavernous depths of the mind of Tyra Banks. "Freedom Fries" replaced the term "French Fries" among idiots and was actually a codified thing in Congressional cafeterias (because apparently, we didn't have anything else to trouble politicians with in 2003).

All this reminiscing makes me want to curl up in a pair of velour track pants. I'll go ahead and pretend I'm not actually wearing them right now. (Don't you dare judge my Jenny from the Block pants. They are comfortable as hell.)

While Billaber has a whole bunch of funny material (and the 123,700 followers to prove it), my sense of nostalgia for my college years drew me to these re-imagined rhymes. Here are some of the artists he reinvented:


Nicki Minaj


He captures that glorious, vapid essence of a very strange moment in cultural history. He also tells the story of my life...

(No joke: I have had that line of that song stuck in my head for the past, like, three or four months at this point.)

He even re-imagines the best throwback song of all time:

But I must say: Come for Lance Billaber, and stay for Lance Billaber's adorable nephew feeding Hulk a pickle.

Images: Getty Images; Vine (6)