Justin Bieber Reveals His Haircut On Instagram, Showing He Was Ready To Shed His Long Locks For Summer

If you've been following J.Biebs and his hair, you know that he's been busy switching up his 'dos lately. Just a couple weeks ago, he was rocking a man bun, but today, Justin Bieber revealed his haircut on Instagram and it's definitely a lot shorter than what he's been rocking over the past year.

Ever since Bieber changed up his iconic long bangs to the clean-cut shorter sides, the singer has been going through a process of growing his hair out and cutting it into different styles. This time, Bieber kept a mixture of short and long hair. In his recently uploaded selfie, featuring his signature smolder, Bieber tilts his head down a bit to show off his new ‘do. He went with short sides, but kept the top long and flowy — like back when he was baby Bieber.

He can seriously pull off a variety of different hairstyles, like the man ponytail that he uploaded on his Instagram earlier this month, but I usually prefer his shorter haircuts. The long hair was cute for his baby face, but it’s clear from his shirtless Instagram pics that he’s no longer the little 15-year-old, hitting all the high notes while singing "One Time." The mix of short and long is a nice change and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how he’ll end up styling it.

Images: justinbieber/Instagram (2)