Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Spotted On A Drive

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are not doing much to crush the rumors about their relationship! In fact, the two reported lovebirds only added fuel to the fire this week in California. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were seen on a drive together after they both left Swift's Los Angeles home. And in case you need all the details, Harris was the one behind the wheel.

Now, the reported relationship has not been officially verified yet by either Swift or Harris, so we probably should not expect to see photos of the two kissing or holding hands in public just yet. But based on the number of sources dishing on the two reportedly getting closer, those photos posted of Harris and Swift wearing matching outfits, and now evidence of this outing after they left her home together, you can probably put two and two together. If they're not dating yet, it is entirely possible that they are moving toward being Facebook official, or whatever the celebrity version of Facebook official is.

Since we still don't know for sure whether Harris will become the subject of Swift's next big hit, let us speculate on what may have been happening in that car. Oh, and the possibilities are endless!

Listening To Each Others' Music

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What better way to get in tune with each other emotionally than to listen to songs written and/or produced by your own significant other? Plus, Swift was wearing red lipstick in the photo of their outing in the car, so it would make perfect sense if her latest pop single "Style" was blasting. Or maybe Harris's dance hit "Summer," in anticipation for warmer weather?

Debating Which Instagram Filter To Use


As seen in the photo of their outing, Swift seems to be pretty absorbed in her phone. But what millennial isn't nowadays? Perhaps she was photo-editing, which we all know is serious business. If she was on Instagram, she might have been getting Harris' opinion on whether she should use Valencia or Mayfair.

Talking About Cats

As we've already seen from Harris's Instagram, he seems to have taken a liking to Swift's cats. We all know that having a soft spot for a significant other's pets is a definite plus, and Harris could have been speculating on whether the cats responded warmly to him as well. (Fingers crossed!)

Getting Inspiration For Their Next Videos

Hey, everyone could use a boost of creative energy now and then. What better way than enjoying some good company while soaking up the beautiful California scenery around you?

Images: Getty Images