Old Man Punches A Bear In The Face To Save His Dog, And He Is Too Fierce For This World — VIDEO

Sometimes I think of bears as like the Ariel of their species, because they bust into our houses so often that they must want to be ~part of our world~. Unfortunately, bears are also crazy strong and merciless, and capable of ripping your scalp off without remorse, so having them around is not exactly winning the neighbor lottery. But these grizzly odds did nothing to faze Carl Moore, the old man who punched a bear to save his dog. That's right. He punched a bear in the face. What impressively insane thing have you done today?!

Moore described the harrowing account to CBS Sacramento, explaining that he was first alerted to the bear's presence when his tiny and adorable dog Lacey started to whimper outside. The 73-year-old walked outside, saw the bear, and didn't even hesitate before delivering a blow that he said nearly turned that bear's neck around. And just in case you thought this was a tall tale, he had an eye witness to attest to the badassery of this moment.

It makes sense that Moore wouldn't scare easily. Not only does he just ooze "don't eff with me," but he is an ex-Marine, and as his friend mentions, pretty experienced in "bar room brawls". It's no wonder that bear headed for the hills. I mean, look at punch this man packs:


POW. Even I want to run away, safely divided from his fist by a computer screen. Moore emphasizes that he's never run away from a fight in his whole life, and that this bear was no different.


By far the best part of this account, though, is watching him snuggle with Lacey and call her his "baby". He has the grit of a warrior and the heart of a marshmallow Peep. Look at this little bae!!

Here's the full account of Moore's face off with the bear below:

CBS Sacramento on YouTube

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