7 Feminist Samantha Bee Quotes We All Need To Hear

Please sit down and have a tissue ready, because I have some terrible news: Thursday night was Samantha Bee's last appearance on The Daily Show . If you follow her at all, you knew this moment was coming, because Bee announced her Daily Show departure two months ago. And of course, Jon Stewart himself dropped the bomb on us that he won't be returning when his contract runs out this year, instead handing the reins over to Trevor Noah, South African comedian and one of the show's newer correspondents. So, there's a lot we're already dealing with as far as bidding farewell to this institution as we know it, and Bee's last night on the show was the cherry on top of the sundae. Except, in this case, it's a sundae of sadness, and, instead of being sweet, the cherry on top is salty with tears. You get it.

Anyway, there will be plenty of time to mourn her absence into a carton of Ben and Jerry's, but, for now, I say we celebrate her. We had a solid 12 years with her as a correspondent (she started all the way back in 2003, if you can believe it), and, in that time, she never once stopped using her straight face and impeccable timing to satirize the way women are treated in this country. Whether stone-faced in an interview or ditzy and giggling in a segment, Bee was a feminist force to be reckoned with, and she'll be missed on The Daily Show more than any of us even realize at the moment.

Just in case you needed proof of that fact, here are seven of her most feminist quotes, just to make us keenly aware of what we've lost.

When Conservative Media Outlets Made Light Of All The Women Winning Primaries In 2010

Men broke the country and now you need the ladies to come in and make it all better. No, it’s fine, honey, we’ll do it. You just go back to sleep. We were getting bored just holding down full-time jobs and raising our kids anyway.

When She Called Out John McCain On His Use Of Air Quotes... Oh Yeah, And His Anti-Woman Policies

Thank you, John McCain, for finally exposing the seedy underbelly of the "women's health scam." Let's face it: women love abortions and will do anything to get one, the later the better. "Hemorrhages." Severe "uterine infections." "Dying." Blah blah blah blah blah.

When She Used Satire To Encapsulate The Exact Problem With Being A Woman In The World

That's just the way it is when you're a woman intruding in a man's world. We expect to be paid slightly less and raped slightly more.

When She Called Out John McCain For Pandering To The Women Of America By Choosing Sarah Palin As His Running Mate

John McCain chose a woman who is almost completely unprepared for the job and who disagrees with me on every core value I believe in, but I will be voting McCain in November because he understands: women don't vote with the big head, they vote with the little hood.

When She Pointed Out The Bipartisanism Of Ignorance

Reasonable people can disagree about abortions, but still agree on the unimportance of women's health.

When She Satirically Skewered The Argument Against Women In Combat

There you are at the front lines, looking so cute in your camo, and someone comes up and sexually assaults you. Aren't you gonna feel guilty for wrecking that guy's career?

When She Brilliantly Shut Down Author And Military Expert Kingsley Browne

Brown: Girls become women by getting older. Boys become men by accomplishing something, by proving something.Bee: Okay, have you ever actually met a woman before?Brown: Yes, several.Bee: One who didn't... want to strangle you?

We'll miss you out there, Sam! Keep fighting the good fight!

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