Celebrities React To Freddie Gray Ruling

On Friday morning, Baltimore state attorney Marilyn Mosby announced that the death of Freddie Gray was ruled a homicide by the state's medical examiner, meaning there is probable cause to charge the six officers involved in his death. It's a victory for Gray's family, because the officers (whose names were just released) will be charged with manslaughter. The anger about 25-year-old Gray's death has been palpable and electric, not only in the streets of Baltimore with the protests and in other cities showing their solidarity, but also on social media in abundance. #FreddieGray and #BaltimoreUprising have been trending, and many celebrities reacted to the Freddie Gray homicide ruling on Friday, in addition to supporting the protesters and offering their support and hopes for safety.

After Mosby's press conference, which was full of grim details surrounding Gray's fatal injury, many celebrities reached out on Twitter to comment on the ruling. Some were relieved about the homicide charge, while others were angry about the details of the injustice that were released. Earlier this week, for example, Jesse Williams weighed in with an incredibly passionate, thoughtful Twitter essay about the racist undertones of the language of rioting, and spoke up again Friday. Here are his tweets, as well as some others that show just how much celebrities have joined the conversation: