14 Videos To Watch When You Really Just Want To Feel Better About The World, Because Happiness Is One Click Away

OK, so the World Happiness Report came out last week, and the US is not in stellar shape. Of all the countries in the world, we rank #15 overall in happiness—barely nudging ourselves out of the #17 spot we were in last year. There is some talk that Americans are afraid of happiness, but I just can't believe that. I think that the reason we haven't maxed out on the happiness scale is that we are all forgetting a very pivotal factor in our happiness, which is watching happy videos on YouTube frequently and aggressively.

I don't mean to turn happiness into a competition, but because I turn everything into a competition, I couldn't help myself. GUYS. Switzerland is in the top happiness spot, and they're crushing us. Hell, even Canada is in the top five. I'm no doctor, but I am writing up an prescription for this entire country, and it's to watch a million bazillion happy videos until we are so absurdly, ridiculously, wonderfully happy that we knock all of the other countries out of the water. You know, in the spirit of happiness and...stuff. In any case, I've gone ahead and done the work for you, so no excuses. Sit back, relax, and GET HAPPY with these videos that will make you feel better about the world:

1. These twin babies "talking" to each other

jayrandall22011 on YouTube

Joke's on us. They're plotting world domination while we d'aww over how precious they are.

2. The Count, censored

Robin Way on YouTube

Not gonna lie, guys, I almost wet my pants the first time I watched it. THIS IS SO FREAKING CLEVER.

3. This dog who is super excited when his owner comes back from Afghanistan

LibandCam on YouTube

If you don't cry a little about this crying puppy then I don't know what to do with you.

4. This nervous groom singing his wedding speech

Tom Fletcher on YouTube

It's all so adorable and British, I can't handle it.

5. And the very same nervous groom with his now-wife, chronicling her pregnancy

Tom Fletcher on YouTube

Crying crying crying.

6. And their SON discovering dandelions for the first time

Tom Fletcher on YouTube

I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS FAMILY. I'm done. True life, I watched all these videos separately and loved them, and now knowing it's all from the same family makes me so happy that I've basically become insufferable to all of humanity.

7. This rescued puppy enjoying his sink shower

Barcroft TV on YouTube

Puppy pampered!

8. These people giving out free hugs

AdrianVanOyen on YouTube

C'mon. Even the Grinch needs a good hug every now and then.

9. This 3-year-old girl and her mom dancing to "Happy"

She's 4 years old now, and still slaying—check out her dance to "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)".

10. This big brother meeting his little brother for the first time

Carly Jo Rich on YouTube

Awww. If only all new baby greetings were this deliciously adorable.

11. This ridiculously pleased dog dancing through a wheat field

moscowdoghelp on YouTube

"Derping" might be a more accurate term.

12. These 7 brothers surprising their sister on her wedding day with a choreographed dance

Kishan Kotecha on YouTube


13. This kitten becoming BFFs with a hedgehog

TheSorryGirls on YouTube

It's like if an episode of Arthur came to life. #Bless.

14. This grandma who is killer on the drums

Coalition Drum Shop on YouTube


See, I think we all feel a little bit better about the world now. It's only a matter of time before we BEAT CANADA on the happiness scale, because that's what's really important, aside from the fact that you are full of happy feels now that will last you the rest of the week. Go forth and spread the YouTube magic!