What If 'The Originals' Klaus Mikaelson & Harrison Wells From 'The Flash' Were Friends? This Duo Would Be Unstoppable

Villains. You can't live with them. You can't develop an action-packed CW series without them. It's no secret that The Originals ' Klaus Mikaelson has developed his fair share of enemies throughout the years (or rather, centuries, in his case) but hey, that'll happen when you have a God complex and an angry temper that just won't quit. However, despite all of his many faults and misdeeds, he still harbors the desire to be loved — though he himself would never admit it. But this got me thinking about how much this original vamp needs a buddy — someone who can understand his love of the dark side and appreciate his desire for power. Then it hit me. Who could do that better than The Flash big bad, Harrison Wells?

I'm serious, you guys. How awesome would it be if Klaus and Harrison became BFFs? It'd be like the most incredible evil bromance ever and now that it's out there (you can thank me later, everyone), I need for this to happen ASAP. We're so used to seeing hero-centric crossover episodes on The CW, between the likes of Arrow's Oliver Queen and The Flash's Barry Allen. But what about the villains? They may be heartless at times and ruthless beyond belief, but even the bad guys need some love too, once in a while. And it's undeniable how great it would be if these two fearsome foes were to ever cross paths. For starters…

Like Gretchen Weiners' Hair, They'd Be Full Of Secrets

Concocting evil plans on a daily basis has to be exhausting. If they were pals, then at least they'd be able to fill each other in on all their devilish antics. Keeping it locked away inside all the time can't be healthy, even for an immortal.

They'd Bond Over Their Mutual Love Of Ripping Out Hearts

Common interests are vital when it comes to everlasting friendships. Theirs just might be a little more gruesome than the average man. But hey, everyone has quirky hobbies, right?

They'd Be Unstoppable Drinking Buddies

Between Klaus' immortality and Harrison's Flash-like abilities, it would take a LOT of alcohol to get either of these characters sufficiently drunk. But I have a feeling it's a challenge they'd both be willing to accept. Shots for everyone!

They Could Vent About Their Family Members

Family. You know how it is. When you aren't trying to put a dagger in them, then they're trying to put a bullet in you. Really warms your heart, doesn't it?

And Swap Epic War Stories

Whoever shares the most brutal death, wins!

Harrison Could Potentially Live Forever

Forget the Tachyon Prototype. A few drops of Klaus' blood and this super-speedster could harness everlasting life and power until the end of time. There'd simply be no stopping him after that.

Basically, Our Poor Heroes Wouldn't Stand A Chance

God help us all. (But it sure would make for one hell of a ride.)

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