12 Green Wedding Ideas, Because Your Big Day Should Be Kind To The Environment

Weddings can be an ordeal — but that doesn't mean they have to be bad for the environment. While traditional ceremonies and receptions can be heavy on CO2 emissions thanks to their exorbitant use of electricity, imported goods, and resulting waste, your unconventional, unique wedding doesn't have to stray from your green lifestyle with the help of some eco-friendly wedding tips. In fact, your big day can even do the planet some good.

Buy choosing local food options, reusable décor, and more, your wedding will be a bash without doing the environment a whole lot of harm. Flip through the gallery to see how else you can reduce your celebration's carbon footprint.


Send Out Recycled Invitations

You don’t have to send e-vites to your wedding to cut down CO2 emissions. For a green alternative, Brooklyn Bride suggests using companies like Up Up Creative, which sell eco-conscious cards.

Image: Up Up Creative

Get Married Outside

Sure, you can have your share of twinkling lights and such, but as a whole, having your wedding (ceremony, reception, or both) outside greatly decreases the amount of electricity you use on your big day.

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Consider Transportation

Think about it: do you really need a gas-guzzling limo to tote you around on your wedding day? Look into limousine services that offer hybrids or more fuel-efficient vehicles for travel the green way.

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Wear A Vintage Wedding Dress

Your mom will surely be thrilled to hear that wearing her dress will actually help you be a little kinder to the environment. Getting a vintage dress altered uses up way fewer resources than making a new dress from scratch. You’re only going to wear the dress once, anyway.

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Don't Forget The Rings

While they may be beautiful, many diamonds are not sourced in the most eco-conscious ways. For a gem that doesn’t do the environment damage, Brooklyn Bride suggests Christine Mighion’s organic, recycled fine jewelry.

Image: Christine Mighion Jewelry

Source Flowers Locally

Although an exotic bouquet may look stunning, it’s not the most ecological choice. Purchase flowers from local farmers and even gather some from your own backyard to display in unique floral arrangements instead.

Image: The Merrythought

Go Veg

Cutting out meat (and all animal products if you’re up for going vegan) helps out the environment by reducing the amount of water and land used for the livestock industry. But that doesn’t mean your big day can’t be delicious, especially with a fail-proof vegetarian wedding menu.

Image: Green Kitchen Stories

Make Decorations Out Of Reuable Objects

Buying decorations that you use for one day only can be wasteful, so make an effort to reuse things that you have. With the help of A Beautiful Mess, tin cans can easily become beautiful votives.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Give Green Favors

No need to buy favors that your guests will end up throwing out. Pretty plants make a nice “thank you” that also help provide a breath of fresh air.

Succulent Favors, $47.50 for 12,

Create An Eco-Conscious Registry

Your wedding registry is your wishlist for your married life — dream big. Now is the time to ask for those organic linens and all natural cleaning products you’ve been lusting after.

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...Or Ask For A Green Donation In Your Name

If you choose to forgo a registry, chances are your guests will still want to give you something. So request on your invites that in lieu of gifts, you’d appreciate a donation in your name to your favorite environmental charity.

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Honeymoon Sustainably

Make your first married voyage an eco-friendly vacation by scouting out eco-tourism options and being mindful of your transportation decisions. When you’re traveling, enjoy locally sourced food and be mindful of any waste you may generate. Then, you’ll be set up for a perfectly green marriage.

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