What To Drink With Your Free Biscuit Taco

As you may have heard, Taco Bell is giving out free Biscuit Tacos on Cinco de Mayo next week. There's no trick to it; all you have to do is walk into your favorite Taco Bell location (provided it's participating in the promo, that is), and voila: Free Biscuit Taco. You've got your choice between the egg and sausage one and the egg and bacon one, with each filling coming nestled lovingly within a flaky, taco shell-shaped biscuit. I'll confess that I've never had one of these creations (I don't live close enough to a Taco Bell to make grabbing breakfast from there anything less than an epic adventure) — but I'll be honest: They appeal to me a lot more than the Waffle Taco did. Maybe that's just because I'm a sucker for biscuits, though.

In any event, once you've acquired your free Biscuit Taco and maybe some Diablo hot sauce), you're obviously going to need something with which to wash it down. And here? Here's where you can feel free to get a little creative, especially if you get to Taco Bell right when the promo starts (that would be 7 AM). In case you need some ideas, though, I've got you covered. Why not try pairing your fabulous, free Biscuit Taco with one of these options?

1. Horchata

If we're going to be eating tacos, we may as well go traditional with our beverage choice, right? OK, yes, Biscuit Tacos are just about the least traditional type of taco imaginable… but I still like the idea of pairing one with this creamy, cinnamon-spiced drink. The Kitchn's recipe should get the job done and then some.

2. A Chai Tea Latte

If you like the idea of a creamy, spiced drink, but need a little bit of a caffeine kick, go for a chai latte. I'm sure there's a Starbucks not too far away from your local Taco Bell. Fast food and fast casual restaurants tend to travel in packs.

3. French Press Coffee

Taco Bell and French press is just such a delightful combination of low brow and high brow.

4. That Mountain Dew Mimosa Thing Taco Bell Used to Have

When the Taco Bell breakfast menu first launched, it included a beverage option called “Mountain Dew AM.” Essentially a Mountain Dew mimosa, it consisted of the soda mixed with orange juice. Not being a fan of either Mountain Dew or orange juice, I never bothered to try it — and now I apparently never will, because it's no longer on the menu. It's been replaced by something called Mountain Dew Kickstart; however, I'm sure you could make your own Mountain Dew AM drink by mixing the two components of the original drink together yourself.

5. An Actual Mimosa

Much better. I may not be a fan of orange juice, but I'll definitely drink it if it's spiked with champagne.

6. A Bloody Mary

Or, if savory is more your speed (or if you're hungover from the night before), a Bloody Mary might not be such a bad idea. Don't forget to add a celery straw!

7. Chocolate Milk

Because why the heck not?

8. Mexican Hot Chocolate

As awesome as chocolate milk is, though, it might be worth taking it a step further. My Name Is Yeh's recipe adds cinnamon, honey, and a tiny bit of cayenne for a little kick.

9. Straight-Up Mountain Dew

You may as well. Just don't plan on consuming anymore sugar throughout the day.

10. Kale Juice

OK, so maybe drinking kale juice won't actually do anything to help counteract a fast food breakfast. But at least you can give yourself the illusion of eating something healthy, right?

Images: Taco Bell/Instagram; The Kitchn; Starbucks; Taco Bell; My Name Is Yeh; Giphy (4); Paul Nicholson/Flickr