Reddit Gives Awesome Advice To 15-Year-Old Girl

Redditors sometimes get a bad rap, but here’s a case of the reddit community stepping forward and talking sense into a young woman desperately in need of some real talk. Last night, a teen who goes by the name of “throwawaychicken123” submitted a post titled, “I'm 15, is it weird for a 23 year old guy to be 'romantically interested' in me?” Her post is exactly what it sounds like: She’s 15, he’s 23, and he thinks she’s “mature” and wants to date her. She asks, “So is he being super weird, or does he actually like me?” I can hear a lot of you stopping to shout, “YES OF COURSE IT’S WEIRD.” But although most of us grown-ups would instantly recognize this scenario as officially Not Okay (not to mention illegal), it’s important to remember that, at 15, one’s radar for picking up creepster vibes is still a work in progress. Fortunately, this redditor took the time to pose her question to the good people of reddit, who quickly set her straight and gave her some solid advice about what is and isn’t appropriate for a teenage girl entering the dating world.

In her original post, throwawaychicken123 wrote,

So I think most of us would argue that any 23-year-old guy who tells an underage girl that “age is just a number” is officially gross, and redditors seemed to agree. For example, boredgamelad explained that, while seven years doesn’t mean a lot when you’re older, it’s a big deal when you’re young:

josh_ness pointed out that if she feels like her mother wouldn’t approve, she has that instinct for a reason, writing,

Other redditors chimed in with good advice:

throwawaychicken123 responded to some commenters, suggesting that she was understanding more and more what's how inappropriate this guy is being:

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. throwawaychicken123 took her commenters’ excellent advice and decided not to pursue the relationship. She edited her post to add a couple of updates:

She says she feels "pretty dumb," but she shouldn't. After all, she made the effort to ask for advice when she didn't know what to do. I think that's pretty smart. Good luck, lady!

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