The 'New Girl' Season 5 Premiere Is Far Off, But Here Are 6 Ways To Keep The Show Going In Spirit

Goodbyes are never easy, which is what's bound to make the New Girl Season 4 finale "Clean Break" a very bittersweet episode to endure. Not only will Coach be exiting as one of the central loftmates, but we'll also be forced to go without a new episode of the series for an entire summer. Because that's right, folks — New Girl won't return for Season 5 until next fall. In my opinion, that is way too long to go without seeing this lovable gang back in action. But regardless of whether we like it or not, this summer hiatus is an inescapable fact.

Of course, no official Season 5 premiere date has been announced quite yet. It's a little early for the networks to start putting the fall schedule together. But given that all four seasons of New Girl have started in mid-to-late September, I'd say it's fair to assume that this FOX sitcom will be back on either Sept. 15 or Sept. 22. However, that's not to say that production for the upcoming season isn't already underway. Normally, cast members are given the early part of the summer off before they resume filming. But in light of Zooey Deschanel's pregnancy (which will not be incorporated into the plot), production on Season 5 is moving full steam ahead. That way the show won't fall behind during the Deschanel's maternity leave.

Granted, that doesn't exactly help us, the fans, since the series should still be premiering in the fall line-up as per usual, which leaves us with several New Girl-less months between then and now. So as a way to help pass the time, here are a few fun ways to help keep the show apart of your everyday lives.

Re-Watch Old Episodes

The sun might be shining, but don't let the allure of fresh air stop you from meeting your daily New Girl quota. Priorities, people! It's what Nick would want, after all.

Write A Ferguson & Winston Spin-Off Series

I mean, how purrrfect would that be? (If you can't tell, mine would involve a lot of cat puns. You're welcome.)

Attempt To Learn The Rules To True American… Again

Just remember: the floor is molten lava, there are four zones, and it starts with a shotgun tip-off. Got it? Good. One, Two, Three, Four, JFK!

Perfect Nick's Moonwalk

Please note: this should only be used to get out of extremely awkward social situations.

Create Your Own Makeshift Douchebag Jar

Perfect for the annoying roommate or sibling.

Break Out Into Spontaneous Dance Parties

The gang would be so proud. You'll be dancing your way into September in no time.

Images: Ray Mickshaw/FOX; Giphy (2); bonneibennett/Tumblr; upsydownsy/Tumblr; Wifflegif; jordylo94/Tumblr