'Inside Amy Schumer' Should Invite These Guests

On April 28's episode of Inside Amy Schumer, Amy Schumer interviewed AshleyMadison creator and CEO Noel Biderman for her regular "Amy Goes Deep" segment. It was an amazing segment, of course — it's always delightful to see Schumer "go deep" with notable and interesting personalities: Whether she's talking to a flight attendant, a porn director, or a five year old, Schumer uses her charm and quick wit to get her interview subjects to open up about their lives and laugh at themselves a little in the process. The interview with Biderman, however, transcended the usual level of "delightful" and reached the peaks of cathartic confrontation.

If you are not familiar, AshleyMadison is infamous for it's tone deaf marketing campaigns and the fact that it provides a social network for married people to meet, cheat, and not get caught. Their commercials match the site's tacky disregard for human decency, and often portray women in particularly insulting lights. Schumer gave Biderman the chance to offer his perspective on the controversy, and it took no time at all for him to say some pointedly terrible things about the so-called legitimate reasons why men cheat. The real kicker was when he implied that pregnancy was a valid reason for a man to stray. Schumer obviously senses a heavy dose of bullshit, however, and she, of course, responded accordingly:

"You know what, I just remembered the commercial where the husband cheated on the wife, and the commercial kinda made it seem like, because she got fat. [...] I just want you to hear from me, someone who’s had no kids… that I’ve kept: I feel like aging unfortunately doesn’t agree with women the way it agrees with men. And with kids you put on some weight, whatever, and even though I hear you, I did think that it was kinda mean and unsympathetic."

The most glorious part of the segment was when headwriter, executive producer and very pregnant Jessi Klein interrupted the interview to give Schumer a note — and jokingly-not-jokingly tell Biderman he's a "f*****g demon."

Schumer's ability to tell a jerk to his face that he's a jerk and get him to laugh about it is unparalleled. She takes "reading" to wonderful new heights, and it makes me desperate to see her interview other controversial figures from throughout the world. Here's who I wish Amy Schumer would bring in next to grill on "Amy Goes Deep":

Whoever's In Charge Of Sallie Mae's Collections Department

Dream Question: "Do you ever wonder if you've dedicated your life to creating a generation of indentured servants, or is that just not even something you think about?"

I'm also hoping she can tell him or her to lose my number. I don't have any money, you can't draw blood from a stone, stop calling! Maybe you should take the money you're spending to pay someone to call me nineteen times a day and put it towards my debt?

"King of Revenge Porn" Hunter Moore

Dream Question: "When was the last time you felt human emotion?"

This dude recently got his comeuppance after years of posting lewd images of women on the Internet without their consent; still though, I want to see Schumer tear into this monster like a rabid dog.

Someone Who Just Got Back From Burning Man

Dream Question: "I will give you $17,000 dollars if you can construct three sentences and have none of them be about burning man."

They just can't do it!

Nickelback Fans

Dream Question: "Do you ever think about just giving up and being like, 'Alright, everybody, you were right. They're terrible.'?"

These poor people get so much ire and criticism thrown their way, I'd feel bad for them if they didn't completely deserve it.

Ted Cruz

Dream Question: "You're the worst."

Amy doesn't hold back, and it's spectacular

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