The 6 Healthiest Snack Foods You Can Munch On Forever

Sometimes, all you want to do is veg out on the couch, whip out the munchies, and stay posted watching some Netflix. There's no better feeling than eating some good food and watching having an all-night Friends marathon, but most of us know that common snack foods aren't exactly the healthiest option. Why not make the most of snack-time by filling ourselves up with the most nutrients possible?

"I wouldn't recommend truly binging on any food since that's never good for digestion, calorie intake, and just general mindful eating," says Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC. Choosing to much on tons of fruits and vegetables means you're getting an extra amount of vitamins and minerals.

Luckily, for those nights when you're ready to stay in front of the TV or you're just feeling ravenous, there are certain foods you can eat in large quantities that give you a ton of health benefits. With the help of White and other nutritionists, I've come up with a list of six foods that you can feel guilt-free about eating a lot of.

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by Carina Wolff

Rice cakes

Because rice cakes are puffed, they are light and easy to eat. Getting whole grain rice cakes can help you reach your daily dose of fiber, and they are a great alternative to chips or cookies.

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Celery is a great light snack that’s filled with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. “The fiber and water content will also have the added benefit of helping you feel satiated the more you eat,” says Amy Isabella Chalker, RD, LMT.

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“Whatever variety you pick, you can’t go wrong with piling a plate with leafy greens,” says Marci Clow, MS, RD. “Greens are loaded with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.”

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Air-popped popcorn

Popcorn popped over the stove is easy to make and extremely high in fiber. “Popcorn can satisfy cravings for salty, crunchy snacks,” says Clow. some great topper ideas include kelp powder, nutritional yeast, Parmesan cheese with a little lemon zest, chili powder or cinnamon.”

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Spaghetti Squash

A great pasta substitute, spaghetti squash is high in fiber, vitamin C, and a variety of other vitamins and minerals. “You can dress it with condiments like balsamic vinegar, spices, and herbs to add appealing flavor without calorie-laden toppings like cheese and butter,” says Chalker.

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Fruit is a great natural snack that can be fun to nibble on while providing you with loads of antioxidants. “They help keep blood sugar levels in check instead of the spike that sugar gives,” says health coach Cristie Will.

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