'Southern Charm'-er Craig Probably Passed The Bar

In addition to being my personal reality TV Kate Middletons, the Southern Charm cast members also keep busy with their real jobs, y'all. Instead of waiting by the phone for Andy Cohen to call, the cast is working, doing whatever their life calling has led them to do (maybe not T-Rav). Craig Conover, Southern Charm 's resident party boy, has been struggling with his future career plans this season, and the road to lawyer-ing (that's a term, right?) is not an easy one traveled. Fun fact: to be a lawyer, one needs to pass the the bar exam. So did Craig pass the bar exam on Southern Charm ?

Well, fans don't know if he has or hasn't passed the bar. Honestly, I'm not 100% sure if he even took the bar. But, good news, I am super savvy on social media and I'm basically a Harriet the Spy for Twitter, so if there was a mention of Craig taking the bar and passing it, I was going to learn it and share it with curious Southern Charm fans, alike.

After doing my research, I've discovered a few hints that Craig not only took the bar, but perhaps, just perhaps, he passed the exam. If not, then I have seriously misread these postings.

Craig's LinkedIn Says He's A Litigation Assistant

Craig's LinkedIn profile — STARS! They're just like us! — says that he is currently (still) working at Anastopoulo Law Firm as a Litigation Assistant. This isn't Suits, you can't lawyer without being a lawyer. Plus, didn't Craig get the boot from his employer? Maybe a certain test changed that status.

Craig's #WorkTravel Tweet

I want to know so much about this mythical "real Craig." Has he ever been seen before? Does he only show up blurry in grainy photos? What is "real Craig" traveling for, and what work will he be doing once he gets to his location?

Craig's Got A Work Closet

I don't have a work closet, do you have a work closet? Those look like some prettyyyyy fancy shoes, something a person practicing law might wear, perhaps?

Craig Uses A Note Pad

LAWYER ALERT. LAWYER ALERT. Who else uses a note pad like this other than a lawyer? I mean, I guess any normal Staples shopper, but I think lawyers.

Craig Has A Messy Office

This puts the cherry on the sundae. If it walks like a lawyer, talks like a lawyer, and has an office as messy as a lawyer, chances are it's a lawyer... or at least a bar exam participant.

Images: Paul Cheney/Bravo; Giphy