What's The Sexiest Thing About You? We Asked 22 New Yorkers, And Here's What They Said

It's a simple question, really: What's the sexiest thing about you? But when I asked young people hanging out by New York City's FIT and NYU campuses on a warm Friday afternoon for their answer, most of them responded by saying "That's a hard question!" or, "I don't know!" Of course, I could tell, most of them did know — they were just afraid to own it.

It's not easy for everyone to brag about themselves, but recognizing and owning what we think is sexy about ourselves isn't arrogant: it's brave — for women, especially. Dove's 2011 global report on self image found that only four percent of women around the world would describe themselves as beautiful. (Let alone sexy, one would imagine.) A recent Glamour magazine study found that only 54 percent of women — 13 percent more than when they first conducted the same survey in 1984 — are unhappy with their body. Eighty percent said just looking in the mirror makes them feel bad.

Well, I'm happy to report that at least when it comes to college students and other Millenials hanging out in Washington Square Park on a spring day, the times they are a changin'. While plenty of people hesitated to name their sexiest trait, once they thought about it, many said they actually had a hard time choosing just one thing.

Now that's what I'm talking about. Oh and, for the record, if I had to choose? My ability to ask tough questions.

1. Nanciee, 24

2. Anna- Maria, 22

"I'm going to put something I'm usually self-conscious about and own it."

3. Cailyn, 20

"Do I have to pick just one???"

4. Ryan, 21

5. Charlotte, 19

"All of it."

6. Davian, 18

7. Jeffery, 21

"It's a mess today though."

8. Leah, 19

Hell yes, girl.

9. Marilyn, 19

10. Jessy, 21

11. Anonymous Aussie, 25

(Ugh, he was really cute, BTW.)

12. Nurcan, 26

13. Marissa, 20

14. Nick, 19

15. Betul, 27


16. Erica, 18

17. Kalene, 21

18. Mehmet, 29

19. Jackie, 19

Please note how her shoes perfectly match her top and how this also seemed totally true.

20. Adrienne, 26

21. Pam, 18

This young woman was writing a sex positive song on a ukelele when I met her.

22. Fabian, 23

Yup, new hero.


Images: Rachel Krantz/Bustle