Crash Could Bring Max & Taylor Back Together On 'Finding Carter,' So At Least We Have 1 Thing To Thank Him For

I thought I was a forgiving person, but I'm clearly nowhere near the level of Carter and Max on Finding Carter, who have seemingly forgiven Crash for going bananas and "accidentally" shooting Max in Season 1. Carter is back to macking on Crash while Max is accepting rides to physical therapy and job offers from the guy who almost put him in a body bag. I don't blame Taylor for not forgiving Crash approximately three weeks after the shooting (seriously, do we have a time frame for when that happened?), but I do blame her for letting it get in the way of her relationship with Max. Luckily, Crash screwed up again, and Crash's betrayal might get Max and Taylor back together after all. Sorry, Ofe.

Betrayal might be a bit of a strong word, considering we don't know Crash's side of the story yet, but since it's Crash, the guy who left Carter with her dying best friend in her arms, I'm going to go with, yeah, Crash probably effed up in some way. While working at the garage Crash's uncle owns that also employs Crash, Max found something in a customer's trunk that raised some serious alarms — a ton of cocaine. Obviously, Max was pissed, and while there's a good chance that Crash didn't know about the drugs, I'm sure that Crash's uncle did and that this garage man is even shadier than Crash initially let on. Luckily, the death of Max and Crash's bromance might do amazing things for Max and Taylor, so, uh, good riddance, Crash.

The only real reason that Max and Taylor broke up was because she couldn't forgive Crash for almost taking away the person she loved the most, while Max himself could. Personally, that's kind of a BS reason for dumping someone (the reason is basically "I love you too much to be with you!" which is the most Chuck and Blair thing I've seen on TV in a while), but considering all Taylor's been through, it's understandable why she'd want to keep Crash out of her life. If Max really does come to his senses and sees Crash as a toxic force in his life, then maybe he'll run back to Taylor and apologize for putting Crash before their relationship.

While Max dumping Crash would help put Maxlor on the path to Back Togethersville, it's unfortunately not the only thing standing in their way. Taylor now has to contend with new love interest Ofe, and I'm not entirely convinced that Bird is keen on being "just pals" with Max. The show will get to those issues when it can, but right now, the stars seem to be aligning for Max and Taylor. I can't wait until these two figure out what we've known all along: that Maxlor needs to happen... again.

Images: MTV; mtvfindingcarter/Tumblr (3)